Intolerance Toward Uncertainty: The Heart of Depresion and Anxiety

March 1, 2017

Intolerance toward uncertainty is part of the essence of depression and anxiety. Its genesis could very well be explained because, in part, we don’t accept changes as positive or constructive things.

Intolerance toward uncertainty plays a key role in our tendency to worry excessively. The way we have to accept uncertainty or the unknown can make a dent in our emotional state. It can even promote the appearance of emotional problems such as anxiety and depression.

Sometimes we seem to be allergic to new things, to changes and the complications these brings about. We’re scared to accept that things won’t be just like they have been up until now. This leads us to close into ourselves and not pay attention to other possibilities that can lead us to improvement.

“We consider uncertainty the worst of all evils until reality shows us otherwise.”
-Jean Baptiste Alphonse Karr –

,17, 3, pp. 185-203.