Do You Know How Anguish Affects You?

January 18, 2017

Everyone, at some point or another, has felt how anguish holds the power to take over their lives, leaving a feeling of unrest that never goes away and makes it impossible to do certain tasks.

Anguish is the emotion that, if it sticks around long enough, can make us feel uneasy and even sick, sinking us into a profound sadness. And depressed as we are, we sink deeper into that feeling of discouragement, regret and unhappiness.

Taking the step to leave behind the anguish that’s limiting us is important if we want to keep it from having power in our lives. Because although we may be unaware of it, anguish changes things about us that we’re not even aware of.

“Never despair, even when in the darkest afflictions, because from the dark clouds falls clean, fertilizing water.”
-Chinese proverb

stressed woman

Your point of view will be pessimistic

You can be the most optimistic person in the world, but when anguish gets a hold of you, negativity and pessimism take over your outlook on life. Suddenly, everything is dark and hopeless, and you feel immersed in a circle of fear and anger from which you will find it very hard to escape.

Anguish has the power to blur your point of view, and make everything seem worse than it truly is. Your life seems conditioned by what you feel, and therefore the anguish inside you makes everything go wrong.

To fight this, you must make a great effort to be positive, to change that vision that is causing you distress. Strive to see the good side of things, while jumping over all those potholes that anguish is determined to put in your way. If you see things positively, you’ll scare off the negativity around you.

Do you hear and speak the same way?

When anguish invades you, it affects what you hear and what you say, as well. This is something hardly noticeable, but that creates the effect that anguish desires to produce in us.

Suddenly, everything you hear is interpreted as negative. Your internal dialogue continues to be negative and fill you with words of discouragement such as “nobody values you,” “nobody cares about you,” “you’re all alone,” “no one understands you.”

Your world starts to crumble. You stop valuing yourself as a person and pessimism takes hold of you.

Everything we verbalize also changes. Insecurity and fear will manifest themselves in our words and we’ll begin to say things such as: “It’s all I have,” “I can’t do anything,” “It’s what I was destined to suffer through,” among many others.

To change this, it’s very important to start speaking to ourselves positively.

Do you feel sunken? Did that comment hurt you? Look at the bright side and what you have been able to learn from it… Focus on the good and push aside the negativity that creeps up on you.

happy face positive


Your health and your future are affected

Anguish is not just a mental thing, because if we don’t find a solution, it can begin to manifest in our body in many different ways. A headache, back pain, unexplained tremors or insomnia, can all be messages to tell us that something is wrong.

But that’s not all. If after all these phases we still haven’t stopped anguish in it’s tracks, our future will probably start to be compromised.

Anguish has a way of paralyzing you in such a way that it limits everything you want to achieve, and even your social relationships will be affected. There comes a time when you no longer feel excited to relate with other people. We’re not well, and we stop performing as well as we did in the past.

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..”
-John Milton

Don’t ignore your anguish! It is a temporary state that begins to become more serious by overstaying its welcome. But now you know the solution: a positive mindset can always beat out any negativity. Learn how to transform anguish into something new from which you can learn.