I'm the Woman of Your Life and of Mine

I'm the Woman of Your Life and of Mine
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 28 July, 2022

We’re brief passengers in a temporary life that deserves to be lived with maximum intensity. Why be slaves to the wills and whims of others? Almost without noticing, the pages of our days will run out and we will never have been our true selves.

It’s clear that becoming a part of someone on an emotional level implies a great responsibility. One way or another attachments develop, there’s a need for closeness, affection, reciprocity. However, everything will be alright as long as these attachments are healthy and allow each individual his or her own space.

Now, we know that in some way all of these words are easy to say but complicated to carry out. Because how do we not love someone completely with every last particle of our being?

It’s inevitable. And yet, it’s worth remembering that even while loving with our full intensity, we should never lose our identity, our self esteem. Don’t allow your life to weaken like smoke escaping through an open window…

When we lose control of our lives

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Loving, whether we want to or not, also means needing: we need to share a life with that person we love, we need to have commitment, stability, plans for the future, and feel reciprocated.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever felt so dependent on someone to the point of losing your own purpose, your own integrity? These are without a doubt the most destructive relationships.

It’s also possible that many of you are surprised by the title of this article. It’s clear that the message can and should be applied to both genders, men and women.

Nevertheless, it’s almost always women who are more likely to give their all to others without expecting anything in return. On average, they suffer more from uneven affection and power in emotional relationships.

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Let’s look at the reasons to why this tends to happen….

Finding satisfaction and feeling accomplished in giving it all to the person they love. Nobody is capable of loving halfheartedly, but a lot of times, we give more than we should. Personal and professional projects are postponed, the partner’s plans are prioritized… until they finally realize everything they let go.

In a lot of cases, and almost without noticing, they can also fall into uneven relationships. One partner becomes emotionally manipulative and the other can’t get out of the relationship. Love turns into suffering and suffering breaks their self esteem.

Love, almost without noticing, comes from the dependence of both partners. However, sometimes one of them is looking for something other than love: to fill an emptiness, the need to feel appreciated, to cover emotional flaws, to avoid loneliness in any way…

We should keep these aspects in mind.

My life, your life, two paths that cross and respect each other

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Nobody comes into this world knowing everything about emotional relationships. Those who haven’t made mistakes haven’t had the opportunity to learn. And those who haven’t been disappointed don’t know what they really need yet.

Be the woman you’ve always wanted to be. It’s never too late to find her. It’s never too late to catch that train that you’ve always dreamed of.

Be the woman of your life and allow those deserving to become a part of your personal adventure: those who enrich you, who bring light and not darkness, who appreciate you and allow you to grow as a person.

Be the woman that allows herself to laugh every day, filled with illusion, not fears. Walk your personal path with confidence, allowing it to cross with one that destiny brings you…

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