I'm Interested in People Who Are Crazy for Life

I'm Interested in People Who Are Crazy for Life

Last update: 11 April, 2016

I don’t want people by my side who transmit negativity, who only see the bad in everything. I want people who are crazy for life, who want to jump, laugh, and be passionate. People who can teach me new things every day, who can learn from me, who can enjoy my company and give me the energy to live.

I like people who vibrate with passion, who love what they do, who aren’t afraid, who have learned that changes are opportunities. I like people who spread their happiness to me, who hug and kiss sincerely, who respectfully say what they think instead of keeping quiet, who teach me what love means, and who are by my side when I really need them.

“All battles in life serve to teach us something, even the ones we lose.”

-Paulo Coelho-

How to detect toxic people

In many areas of life we encounter negative people who suck the energy out of whatever environment they’re in and make everyone around them feel bad. For that reason, it’s important to be able to detect them as soon as possible. Once you know what behaviors to watch out for, they are actually very easy to identify…

pale girl

They think everyone is against them

Toxic people are insecure and therefore always think that everything and everyone around them is against them. They project their lack of self-esteem onto others, showing their distrust and discomfort. They don’t love themselves, and therefore are incapable of loving or seeing the positive in other people.

They won’t accept advice

Toxic people think they know everything, so they won’t accept criticism or advice. They get angry if you say what you think and they’ll reject it. Don’t try to argue with someone like this, because it’s useless. Just change the subject and distance yourself as soon as you can.

They think that nothing has a solution

Toxic people only see problems without solutions, and if they don’t see them, they create them. They play the victim in front of other people as a way to get attention. They’ll never see changes as opportunities, or problems as a way to learn. They’ll never seek solutions, they’ll just cry and complain.

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They pretend to be sincere

Toxic people tend to say everything they think without a filter and without empathy for other people. They think that they’re sincere, but they’re really just hurtful, and they won’t let you say what you think because they’ll feel threatened.

In other words, they pretend that they’re sincere so they can say whatever they want without consequences, but they can’t accept your words, even if it’s just constructive criticism.

People who are crazy for life…

Positive people who are crazy for life are always learning constantly. They do lots of things to squeeze as much as they can out of life and avoid becoming stagnant. People who are crazy for life are the ones I want in my life. Here’s why…

They take responsibility

People who are crazy for life recognize that it’s up to them to make their own decisions, to take responsibility for what happens in their lives, to make changes and learnPeople who are crazy for life know that they’re capable of doing what they want.

“Enthusiasm is contagious. It’s difficult to remain neutral or indifferent in the presence of a positive thinker.”

-Denis Waitley-

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They don’t compare themselves with other people

Positive people don’t compare themselves with anyone, because they know their own flaws and virtues, because they know what they do well and always learn their lessons so they don’t make the same mistakes. Someone who has learned to love and appreciate themselves will be able to love and be loved by other people.

They don’t brood over their mistakes

People who know how to love themselves have learned to take risks and the consequences that come with them. They know that they could win or lose, but they always learn. And they grow, knowing that mistakes are a part of life, because they’re human. They know how to manage their emotions in their favor.

“Don’t give up because that’s life, continue the journey, follow your dreams, unlock time, run through the ruins, and open up the sky.”

-Mario Benedetti-

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