I Like Myself More Now Than 10 Years Ago

I Like Myself More Now Than 10 Years Ago

Last update: 30 July, 2018

I was recently reading an article about fashion, and how major advertising firms are running campaigns that feature mature women. While reading that, I realized that, just like those women, I like myself more than I did ten years ago. Thinking about time passing has made me see beauty in a different light. I even feel more attractive than I did when I was in my twenties. 

What happens to women after their forties? According to Care Santos in her book Deseo de Chocolate (Desire for Chocolate), their qualities concentrate. This makes them more intense, intelligent, peaceful, and attractive than they were twenty years earlier. Not just on a mental level, but on a physical level as well.

In fact, as time passes, we understand better how to pick things that are good for our bodies. We also learn how to carry the best accessory of all: self-confidence. We don’t let ourselves worry too much about the wrinkles that start popping up. Instead, we enjoy all the outstanding parts of ourselves.

“Getting old is like climbing a mountain; you get a little out of breath, but the view is much better!”

-Ingmar Bergman-

older women in fashion

Mature models reflect about getting older

These days, different Spanish brands such as Desigual, Mango, or Zara have fashion magazines run by models between the ages of 40 and 53. This has increased visibility of women who, until recently, seemed forgotten by fashion and society. 

In Zara’s magazine Timeless,  the models explain what getting older means to them. They also discuss how they feel about reaching an age that makes it difficult to be successful in the fashion world. That’s because this particular sector is more and more focused on 20-year-old women.

However, as I said before, I like myself more than I did ten years ago. Just like those models. Obviously, it would be great not to get old. But if you do it right, your mind gets better with age. Consequently, we have a paradox on our hands. As we get older, we also feel more self-confident. As Malgosia Bela, a 40-year old Polish actress and model points out, this makes it possible for you to like yourself more as you age.

On the other hand, the 41-year old Somali model Yarmin Warsame, also talks about this phenomenon. She talks about how her age prejudices changed when she got to know other cultures. She described it this way: “Traveling, just traveling. You transform, you change. That’s why I always tell everyone: please, travel. Experience human beings in different environments, in different atmospheres, and in different situations.”

These testimonies invite us to reflect on the influence of aging on women in the fashion world who are older than average.

“It’s true that love preserves beauty, and that the faces of women are nourished with caresses, just like bees feed on honey.” [translation]


self-confident mature woman

With age comes self-confidence. That’s why I like myself more now.

The confidence that we acquire with age is a quality that makes us like ourselves more. When we age, we start to value beauty from a different perspective. We learn to value looks, gestures, and postures that show self-confidence. These characteristics create beauty.

Women can be attractive at any age. The key is to accept that you are getting older, and shake off that intrinsic fear of aging.

With their grey hair and wrinkles, the models participating in these types of campaigns are the faces of social change. They draw attention to a group of women that hasn’t been properly represented by the industry until now. So, it’s time for all of us to feel attractive without having to resort to Botox or skin rejuvenation treatments. Instead, let the beauty of your authenticity and ability to be yourself shine through.

I like myself more than I did ten years ago – do you?

“The ideals that have lighted my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been Kindness, Beauty, and Truth.”

-Albert Einstein-

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