What is Kinesthetic Intelligence?

What is Kinesthetic Intelligence?

Last update: 13 October, 2022

In our culture, there is a separation between body and mind.

Kinesthetic Intelligence is the ability to use one’s body with great precision, helping to facilitate the implementation of our goals and personal objectives. Those with kinesthetic intelligence are able to use the body to move from intention to action.

It is crucial for our own wellbeing, to remember the importance of unity, balance and harmony of both concepts, Logical and Kinesthetic Intelligence, by keeping in mind that the body and mind go hand in hand in our development . The reflective” or cerebral part is equally as necessary as the “active” or physical part of us.

“Learn as if you were to live forever and live as if you were to die tomorrow”
Charles Chaplin-

Unfortunately, our understanding of these intelligences is still very limited, and it is keeping us from being able to broadly develop our innate abilities.

In the following video, psychologist and researcher, Howard Gardner, explains the different types of intelligences and provides information on Kinesthetic Intelligence.

This type of intelligence involves coordination, balance, skill, speed, strength, and dexterity . In short, it relies on tactile mechanisms and human movement to get information. 

We can find high levels of kinesthetic intelligence in athletes, dancers, surgeons, artists and craftsmen, where accuracy in controlling body movements is a principal characteristic of their role.


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It is important to note that in order to maintain our kinesthetic intelligence at healthy and optimal levels , we need to avoid harmful habits. Healthy eating and exercising are key.

It’s also important to recognize that we often convey our thoughts involuntarily through our bodily movements. Because of this, we must be aware of the signs our body is sending and make sure that we have some control over them. 

Any exercise that has to do with using your body and mental creativity will become an effective ally to develop this type of intelligence and connect with your mind-body. It is in this way that you’ll achieve the full balance and consciousness that we all deserve!

        “Conscience is the voice of the soul; passions are the voice of the body. ”
-William Shakespeare-

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