A Hug is Worth More than Any Gift

A Hug is Worth More than Any Gift
Raquel Aldana

Written and verified by the psychologist Raquel Aldana.

Last update: 14 December, 2021

A naked hug warms the soul, sets our hearts on fire, picks us up, makes us tremble, and gives us goosebumps. That’s why a sincere hug is worth more than any other gift. And hugging the people we love is what really makes us feel special, unique, and lucky.

hug  builds ladders with its warmth, makes us lie down, and forces us to contemplate the space around us. Thanks to those affectionate gestures, we have the opportunity to remember the things that comfort us, to be present even though we’re not aware of it, and so we smile for no reason.

Hugs don’t resolve anything, but they help us know our problems don’t have power over us, that they won’t break down our walls or destroy our crops.

butterflies on hands

The power of true affection

Hugs are a way to tell our loved ones that we love them without having to actually speak. Being able to immerse ourselves in the pleasant memory of a hug means letting our feelings fly away and letting them comfort our skin.

Hugs are the fruit of true affection, of a collaboration in which each person shows their true self to the other. Their souls naked, almost skin to skin, being able to decipher the geography of the heart.

Through hugs, you give and receive energy that boosts your emotional well-being. We are designed to feel contact, to touch, and to transmit our emotions through touch.

That’s why it’s important to stimulate our sense of touch, because thanks to it we’re able to strengthen bonds, comfort others, and put together the pieces that may have broken from life’s difficulties.

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Love as a pillar of growth

Love makes us grow; it waters our most internal emotions and thoughts. Hugs are the ultimate sign of love because they let us be there for the people we love whenever they need it. So it’s worthwhile to give millions of hugs that turn into encouragement when we stumble along our paths and our hopes start to falter.

And hugs turn into a faithful light that guides us on our path and guards our dreams when the sun and the body need to rest. That’s why hugs turn into humility  when our egos get too big; they make us grow, and make us better.

Hugs transform into moderation, prudence, and security. Into genius, peace, strength, and balance. This is possible because a hug is like the key to a wardrobe that contains an elixir that eliminates our problems.

young couple hug

Many times we’re far away from the people we appreciate, and therefore we can’t give them a physical hug the way we’d like to. However, psychological hugs exist, ones that are just as sincere and meaningful as hugs that involve skin to skin contact.

A psychological hug is the kind that they cannot give straight to you, but that can escape and travel thousands of miles through the air, under a table, or through a phone call. This is possible because we hug people every day with our actions, our words, and our care and attention. And so hugs become the most universal sign of affection that exists, and thanks to them we can transmit support and love to our loved ones.

In this sense, a physical hug offers more affection when it’s also psychological; that is, when it comes from within, from our own desires. The hugs that really have value are the ones that also become psychological, emotional hugs, the ones that make us close our eyes and really give it some thought. In short, the hugs that add up are the ones that foster our well-being.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.