A Friendly Child Is a Healthy Child

A Friendly Child Is a Healthy Child

Last update: 19 December, 2016

Little children are the greatest of all human creations. A child is a person born of our genes, our personality and love. It is therefore very important to take care of them with tact and detail so they can grow healthily and happily.

The friendly child is much more likely to be happy and understand that a full life is much better than living in fear, resentment or anger.

Why it is important to raise a friendly child

We will answer this basic question. Why is it important to raise a friendly child? Perhaps you think it’s better to provide him or her with defense mechanisms because of the somewhat aggressive nature of the world which they will be left to uncover. However, this is not so.

A friendly, courteous and polite child

The friendly child is courteous and polite. Have you ever checked the number of doors that open with a simple smile? Put it into practice and see the excellent results of being nice to others, even if you are with a person who has a bad day.

Manners and respect are basic pillars of coexistence. Moreover, it will be easier for them to understand concepts such as kindness and happiness which are necessary for a healthy mind.

happy girl in the field with her arms open

A kind, loving and affectionate child

The friendly child is loving and affectionate. Maybe you have some fear of your child being hurt. However, as much as we protect our offspring, they must follow their own paths. To do this, they need to open up to others by giving love and appreciation.

“Love is for the child as the sun is for flowers; bread is not enough: it needs affection to be good and strong.”

-Concepción Arenal-

If each one of us liked the way we were treated, pampered and given affection, why don’t we raise our children to do the same and be able to both receive and give it? It is a clear sign of health.

A friendly child is respectful of his surroundings

We live on a planet with limited resources. This means that we must be respectful and careful with the environment. You’ll see it’s much easier to instill these values in a friendly child. He will be able to understand the need to care about that which surrounds us.

In the same way, the child will show prompt awareness of respect that must be given because of how beautiful, fragile, helpless, in need or at risk it is. This knowledge serves to understand people, animals, nature, environment, surroundings…

“Children are the most important resource in the world and the best hope for the future.”

-John Fitzgerald Kennedy-

girl blowing a dog a kiss

How to raise a friendly child

Have you ever thought about how to raise a friendly child? Maybe these tips can serve to make your little one more friendly, which will facilitate their self-discovery and their own happiness:

  • Show them that kindness begins at home by being respectful of their own body. Show them the need for proper hygiene habits such as washing hands several times a day, brushing their teeth or taking a shower.
  • Show them how nice it is to be polite to others. Greet others, always show a smile, respect their peers, friends, family and teachers. Teach them that their emotions do not have to be hidden, but quite the opposite. They are beautiful and worthy of having them and of sharing them with whoever loves them.
  • Teach the importance of sharing. Show them that it is much nicer to give than to take. This is essential to lead by example. If you are friendly and you act with generosity because it comes from your soul, the greatness of this behavior will not go past them.
  • Helping those in need is one of the great lessons that you can show a friendly child. Needy or helpless people, animals, less fortunate peers … Show them how good you feel when you give to someone in need.

A friendly child will always be happier and healthier. By themselves and with the help of the people who want them to discover the importance of values, self-insight, feelings and emotions and how much can be accomplished, simply by being polite and respectful. There is no doubt about it.

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