Free People Attract New Opportunities

Free People Attract New Opportunities

Last update: 01 May, 2016

Are you a free person? Do you know any free people? You may not even have any idea what it even means to be a free person, but today you’ll find out.

Being free means being easygoing, being who you are and not who other people want you to be. It ultimately entails being yourself, without any pretenses.

“If you were free of all fear, do you know what would happen? You would do exactly what you want to do!”


Free people live their lives in a special, unique way. Here, you can find out how they live so that, if you want to, you can follow in their footsteps and attract opportunities to your life.

Apply the law of attraction

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Many people believe in the law of attraction, while others question it and say that it’s not real. What do you think? The law of attraction says that being free will attract opportunities. But do you know what else can attract opportunities?

  • Having character. When you have character, you are no one but yourself. And as long as you are yourself, you will attract people who are similar to you and positive for you.
  • Being committed attracts opportunities. If you’re committed to a dream or a goal, you will attract positive things to your life. Not everyone is able to truly commit to the things they really want.
  • Excelling each day. Preparing, training, outdoing yourself each day, learning from your mistakes…all of this will attract good things to your life. The more capable you are, the more opportunities you will attract.
  • Chemistry or vibeWhy do we have chemistry with some people and not other? When you have chemistry, you will attract people to you and doors will start to open.
  • People who are inwardly free attract opportunities. This is the most interesting part. Being free at heart will be the thing that attracts the most opportunities to your life. Look inside, be yourself, and be free.

“The life of a free person offends everyone who is a slave to prejudices and rules.”

-Paulo Coelho-

Even if you don’t believe in the law of attraction, think about it…do good things really happen to you when you do good things? And does negativity attract negativity? We have the power to attract everything we want, because our emotions, and the thoughts that go through our minds, determine what happens to us. Are you ready to attract opportunities?

How to be inwardly free

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A person who is inwardly free is someone who doesn’t follow the rules, but also who isn’t completely oblivious of the society they live in. They know who they are, and they are free of prejudices and pretenses. This is very important because we live in a world that prioritizes appearance.

We should liberate ourselves from all of that. I know it’s difficult to find yourself in a world that’s so full of conditions and appearances…it’s complicated, but not impossible. What are free people like, then? Free people are easygoing and humble. They don’t care if they stand out, because their simplicity stands out for them.

They’re also very positive people. Life has its ups and downs, but being free involves seeing the positive in negative things. Believe me, you can always get something positive out of dark and negative experiences. You can learn from everything!

Someone who enjoys freedom always has a smile on their face and balance in their inner world…Hate, dependency, and resentment don’t exist for them. They are themselves, they are unique! They know it and they make full use of it, which is what attracts people and opportunities to them.

Happiness consists not of wanting things, but rather of being free.

It’s clear, then, that without freedom it’s very difficult to be happy. Freedom is the maximum expression of who we are, and who we want to be. Don’t let yourself be influenced by anyone, learn to listen to your inner voice, and learn to be yourself. Keep in mind that not everyone will like you, but that you won’t care! The inner balance and peace that you feel, and the opportunities that you attract, will be worth it.

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Images courtesy of Cindy Thornsen and June Leloo

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