Four Noble Truths in Buddhism

Discover four amazing Buddhism truths that will change your perspective on life!
Four Noble Truths in Buddhism

Last update: 17 June, 2019

Buddhism’s four noble truths speak of the path that leads to nirvana. Understanding these four truths can lead to enlightenment, the end of suffering, and reaching a state of complete liberation.

Going through Buddhism’s four truths will help you reach your enlightened self. However, learning about the four noble truths is liberating in and of itself. Buddhist modernism considers these truths the most important part of teaching.

At the same time, these truths can heighten your perspective of life and are part of Buddha’s story, who walked through them to reach enlightenment. Theravada tradition, viewed as the oldest Buddhist teaching, believe they’re really important.

Life is filled with suffering and pain.

What Are the Noble Truths of Buddhism?


All existence is unsatisfactory. Everybody experiences suffering. Happiness is never absolute because suffering is always there or threatens to be there. A new life can be a happy beginning, but it’s also the beginning of the end. Since the moment a new being is born, it’s destined to die.

Dukkah, then, is the truth of suffering. It’s the imperfect way to see the world around us, remembering that even love can lead to suffering.


Suffering comes from attachment, ignorance, and desires. Everything you wish can, at the very least, make you unhappy or be unsatisfactory. Desires and attachment to material possessions and the people you love, due to how ephemeral humans are, sooner or later will cause pain.

According to this teaching, human fervor and choices cause suffering. Passions can be too strong a stimulus and choices come from within.

Understanding where the pain comes from can lead to satisfaction and less suffering.

Four noble truths to help you realize what's keeping you sad.


This noble truth says that, even when it’s linked to human life, pain can be overcome. You can defeat pain by getting rid of desire and attachment to all existence.

Ideally, look deep inside you and find what’s causing you pain. Buddha talks about eliminating the five poisons, which are attachment, hate, ignorance, jealousy, and selfishness. This way, and through good actions, you’ll have good karma.


Marga is the last of the four noble truths of Buddhism and it’s the noble eightfold path. This path has 8 teachings:

  • Right view
  • Right intention
  • Right speech
  • Right conduct
  • Right livelihood
  • Right effort
  • Right mindfulness
  • Right meditation
The four noble truths can help you reach enlightenment.

All of the above must be done in the correct order to reach nirvana. It’s the perfect way to go through the eightfold path and have inner peace of mind.

In short, Buddhism’s four noble truths are the only path to nirvana. This is the path Buddha took to get there and leave behind any pain related to human existence.

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