Fight Against Your Fear and Win

Fight Against Your Fear and Win

Last update: 22 October, 2016

I admit that I am afraid. The truth is that I’ve always been afraid. It’s not that I consider myself a coward that is afraid of everything that could happen. It’s just that there are things that for some reason unknown to me, scare me. And there are others that I have learned to be afraid of. However, today I’m going to try to fight against my fears and win.

Fear usually corners you and floods your mind. Being afraid is as if something was blocking you to the point that you are no longer the owner of your own being. You are now alienated. Sometimes, in fact, you can become a stranger to yourself. When I notice my fear, the world stops. Time becomes eternal, asking you for a reaction in order to keep moving forward.

Fear is a natural response 

Experiencing it is as natural as it is inevitable. So you should not feel embarrassed by it. We have all felt afraid at some point throughout our lives. Nobody can honestly say that they have never felt afraid, because it is simply not true. Maybe our fears are different or maybe you don’t want to see or recognize and admit your fears, but they are still just as valid and real.

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Despite you not wanting to feel it or liking its existence, despite the fact that you have to accept it as a natural part of your life, being afraid can also be healthy. Yes, I know it is hard to believe.

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