Fear Will Never Disappear

February 16, 2019
Fear can paralyze you or help you out. Read all about fear in this article!

Thinking about the fact that fear will never disappear can lead to anxiety. Just the thought of it makes your heart beat faster. It’s something natural or, at least, understandable. Society has taught you to run away from fear instead of facing it. But, above all, it’s taught you to avoid fear even when you don’t know whether it will manifest itself or not.

This feeling, which we often label as ‘bad’, is always present. As much as you want to try and avoid it, it’s impossible. Namely, because it plays an important role in your survival. Fear puts you on alert mode, ready to face any problem.

Thousands of years ago, this was very helpful if you were facing real danger. Today, we often lead very quiet lives and our fears have changed. However, they’ve changed so much that your fight or flight response is virtually useless. In other words, situations in which you’re truly at risk rarely present themselves anymore.

Is your life truly at risk whenever you have to give a public presentation? Are you going to die if you split up with your partner? The fears that stem from these situations aren’t even real fears. In other words, they don’t put you at risk. Therefore, this response is useless.

Fear always wants you to act immediately, instead of staying calm and changing your course. However, today, we allow fear to paralyze us. Thousands of years ago, that would have led to death.

Change allows you to grow

Fear will never disappear because there will always be change in your life. For example, when you think of starting a business, you’re afraid of not succeeding. Likewise, you’re afraid of not getting the right results, failing, or that others will laugh at your mistakes. However, all of these things are good because, no matter what happens, you’ll be progressing towards your goal and growing as a person.

The problem is when you hide behind fear instead of facing it. In other words, when you stay in your comfort zone without taking risks or daring to do anything that might jeopardize your sense of security. Over time, this will make you feel lifeless as if you didn’t have any goals. You imagine what could happen, even though, in reality, nobody knows if it’ll happen. With these thoughts in mind, you stay still doing nothing while hours, days, and years pass by.

A woman being held up by strings, like a puppet.

Yes, it’s very nice and safe inside your comfort zone. However, at the same time, it’s very disabling. So much so, that, if it were a garden, nothing would grow in it. The reason why it’s so tempting to stay in your comfort zone is that it has the power to make you feel good. In it, you’re safe and sound. However, it can also make you feel that you’re wasting your time and letting opportunities fly by.

People who are afraid of change often envy those who take risks and leave their comfort zone constantly. Something inside of them screams “Do something!” or “You also have dreams and desires, go after them!” For a moment, you may feel a certain drive and fantasize about taking action. But when it’s time to act, you decide to stay still and do nothing.

Use fear in your favor

Even if you try to run, fear will never disappear. There will always be a situation that surprises you and completely disrupts your routine. That’s when your comfort zone will be shaken and you’ll get the opportunity to make a decision. Since fear will never disappear, what better way to handle it than by using it in your favor?

When your fears are getting in your way, remember that all your desires are on the other side. Are you going to give up on your dreams?

In order to achieve this, we’ll give you two small tips. Although they may seem easy, we don’t usually put them into action during the moment of truth. However, if you want to put an end to those very restrictive fears, following these tips can help you get good results:

  • If fear paralyzes you, don’t think, act. When this emotion paralyzes you, you need to stop thinking about it. Your mind is very powerful. Block out those thoughts and simply act without thinking. Once you do it, you’ll realize that your fear is gone.
  • Use fear as a source of motivation. If something scares you, use that emotion to push you to achieve it. If you’re scared of starting your own business, use fear to motivate you to prepare more and search for opportunities that make you feel safe. For example, talk to people who can help you out or look for partners with experience.
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Since fear will never disappear, it’s better to make it your ally. Fear can help you overcome anything and realize that you have more options. Remember that if you move forward and grow, your fears will still be there. However, you can begin to use your fears in your favor to get what you want.

El miedo nunca va a desaparecer mientras crezcas