Everybody Can Teach You Something

November 24, 2016

Every face and every kiss that we encounter can change us and teach something about who we are, for better or for worse.

There have always been people who compare our passage through the world with a journey on a train or a bus. Along the way, we nurture the relationships that make us smile, and we have the opportunity to get to know all kinds of new people and experiences.

“That day I kept thinking that some people never leave us, not completely, even if they’re not there anymore. Their essence remains, their voice is heard, and we feel them smile. Some people never leave us. They’re eternal.”

-Ilani Ribero-

The best part of the journey is that whatever waits for us at future stations is a mystery, but the stations we’ve already passed, or are passing through now, are constantly shaping us emotionally.

Some people just leave a mark

The hearts that impact us in some way or another, that allow us to learn a little from them, will remain in our hearts forever. Some hearts, faces, and kisses just leave a mark, awaken us, and enrich our lives. And others simply decorate the landscape.

Some appear without warning and remain to teach us what it means to feel friendship, love, trust, etc. Others are there for a short period of time, just enough to help us find our way out of a maze. And a few have been there since the beginning, like our families. With them, we especially learn the value of memory and the power of affection and warmth.

Someday, you might even remember those people that your heart decided to erase from memory at some point. Because yes, there are people that the heart decides to erase, because they hurt us, because they wanted to leave, or simply because it was time to let them go.

People who teach you to be different

I think about what Forrest Gump said, that life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get, and this is true in every way. Like chocolates, there are some people whom we have so much affection for, who make us happy, but at the same time, there are people who have disappointed us, hurt us, or in short, surprised us in a bad way.

These people come into our lives for a reason: so that we can learn from their bad behavior, so that we don’t make those same mistakes with other people. They also teach us what we don’t want to be, and that we have to be the opposite of them and put them in their place.

two sad moons

Therefore, just like painful experiences, the people who hurt us are also teachers to some extent. After they get off our train, we’ll understand that they’re not there anymore, that we can’t go back, and that their mission has been completed. They will remain in the past and the mark they leave will serve to help us in the future, believe it or not.

Snippets of other people’s lives

Throughout the day, we cross paths with many people, some faces that we don’t even notice, and others that become magical and genuine snippets of our lives. They are little pieces of time and shared experiences that become huge when you calculate their emotional value.

three friends on a roof

Over the years, we collect greetings at bus stops, encounters at concerts, reflections of the other person’s soul in a tear, trust earned in a cafe, lessons and decisions that made us grow… And it’s in our own hands to learn, to figure out why one person suddenly appears and decides to let themselves be known, even if just for a minute.

“Every person who passes through our lives is unique.
They always leave behind a little of themselves and take a little of us.
There will be those who take a lot, but there won’t be anybody who won’t leave anything.
This is the obvious proof that two souls don’t just meet accidentally.”

-Jorge Luis Borges-

More important than being able to learn from others, you can always learn from the person who is always with you: yourselfYou have a lot to teach yourself and a lot to get to know about yourself. And you’ll find that this is always a beautiful process.

The Adventure of Meeting People Never Ends