Each of Us Is a Gift

23 April, 2017

People are a gift. Yes, a gift. Because our eyes have a life of their own and a light which sways to the beat of our own songs. We are the product of neurochemical constellations which open up highways in our minds, our bodies and, therefore, in the existence of others.

We can’t untie our actions from their influence on our surroundings. Thus, we wrap ourselves up in electricity, in charged batteries, loaded with suitcases, willing to have experiences. Experiences that, in their magnificence, reflect the manifesto of the faith that nature writes when we are born, when we grow and when destiny puts an end to our life.

Who can doubt that? Any life, in itself, is a gift for that person and for others. Because beautiful people are made up of recomposed individual parts. Pieces of their selves brought back together when the calm after the storm finally arrives.

old women using umbrella as kite
Because the truth is, everyone suffers setbacks at some point in their lives. The more frequent they are, the more we learn and mature. In fact, it is commonly believed that when the lesson is learned, the pain and sorrow vanish. Although, the scars remain on our body and our soul.
That’s why, the most beautiful people are the ones who haven’t had an easy path through life. It’s not that they have overcome fear and hardship. It’s that they know that you can’t heal the things you refuse to confront.

The gift is not the wrapping, it’s what’s inside

People are a gift. Some are wrapped magnificently. They draw you in at first glance. Others are wrapped with very common and plain-looking paper. Some have gotten a bit beat up in the mail. Sometimes, it’s possible they might have a special distribution.

But the wrapping is not the gift. Sometimes, the present is hard to open, and you have to look for help. Maybe out of fear? Or is it because it harms you? Maybe because it has already been opened and belittled or taken for granted…?

I am a gift. First of all, I am a gift to myself. Have I taken a good look inside myself? Am I afraid to do so? Maybe I’ve never actually accepted the gift that I am. It’s possible that, within me, there’s something different than I imagine. Maybe I haven’t discovered the marvelous present that I am.

-Adapted from «I am a gift»-

wrapped present

As the gifts we are, everyday we offer beautiful sentiments to others. We marvel with words at the reflection of others’ gazes and coat with meaning every small interaction we have in this world. That’s why it’s so important that we look at the world with the firm conviction that each of us is a gift.

We have to gladly offer and absorb the offerings of others. That is true wealth, the value of all of us being gifts with different destinations. Gifts of love, gifts of friendship, gifts of family, gifts of profession. Gifts of everything imagined and left to imagine.

But be careful, because our wrapping guards, suspiciously, an inner world which is nothing more than a machinery of growth and intimacy. It might be that the social power of our wrapping keeps us from being the owners of our own inner machinery. That’s when, with even more force, we should try to scream at ourselves something to build ourselves up. Like for example: “I am a gift. For myself and for others!”