Each of Us Is a Gift

Each of Us Is a Gift

Last update: 23 April, 2017

People are a gift. Yes, a gift. Because our eyes have a life of their own and a light which sways to the beat of our own songs. We are the product of neurochemical constellations which open up highways in our minds, our bodies and, therefore, in the existence of others.

We can’t untie our actions from their influence on our surroundings. Thus, we wrap ourselves up in electricity, in charged batteries, loaded with suitcases, willing to have experiences. Experiences that, in their magnificence, reflect the manifesto of the faith that nature writes when we are born, when we grow and when destiny puts an end to our life.

Who can doubt that? Any life, in itself, is a gift for that person and for others. Because beautiful people are made up of recomposed individual parts. Pieces of their selves brought back together when the calm after the storm finally arrives.

old women using umbrella as kite

People are a gift. Some are wrapped magnificently. They draw you in at first glance. Others are wrapped with very common and plain-looking paper. Some have gotten a bit beat up in the mail. Sometimes, it’s possible they might have a special distribution.

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