Dream Like a Child Again

Dream Like a Child Again

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Dreaming isn’t just a kid thing. Few things define a human being like its ability to dream, to go beyond its reality in order to fix its aspirations and longings. To dream is to touch the moon while keeping your feet on the ground.

And you…have you stopped dreaming? We know you haven’t. There’s not a moment when your gaze isn’t fixed on the beyond, where your mind guides your personal aspirations, your hushed desires.

Kids dream and make their ideas and fantasies come to life with games and make believe. We, on the other hand, obligated to maintain our seriousness and discretion, dream silently and with our eyes open.

Surely you’ll agree with us that to be human is to be filled with dreams. Furthermore, we could easily say that our day to day is always completely filled by our memories and longings.

What does this mean? That our mind, always restless and voracious, often makes us dance between events experienced in the past in order to face the future with those desires that often enclose part of our happiness.

In some way, we always aspire to achieve certain things, to experience more positive emotions, those that we idolize within our dreams.

Is it bad to dream? Not at all. We were all born with wings, invisible appendages that guide us towards our projects, towards our castles in the sky where we build our foundations. Let’s talk about that today.

Dream to escape reality?

Dream to escape reality? We’ve all done it at some point. And we shouldn’t classify it as an immature or harmful in any way.

drawing- girl and owl

In those moments of our lives when we feel wrapped up in or plagued by certain problems, dreams serve a cathartic purpose. They act as a means of escape.

If, for example, we have a difficult childhood in which we don’t have a close bond with our family, dreams act as an island of peace where we can retreat to in order to survive. Every being that has endured a traumatic childhood has dreamed of a better future, with a warmer and more affectionate background, with happiness.

The simple act of dreaming helps us realize that the reality we’re living doesn’t make us happy. If our dreams serve as refuge it means we’re trying to escape something. The alert us to the fact that we need to make a change.

When the time comes, dreams can serve as “vital engines,” as powerful gears that help us see and build our own path.

Dreams are daily shelters and wonderful escape doors at the same time. However, we should not be eternal tenants of these islands of peace, these perfect havens. They should be like windows from which peek to through in order to delve into ourselves. Once we understand what we need, the engines of change should activate in our reality.

drawing- moon and owl

Dreams, aspirations worth reaching for

Life is a continuous dream that we have to keep building daily with happiness, optimism and joy. The moment we allow ourselves to become paralyzed by suffering, or by those problems life sometimes brings us, reality will turn gray. And life will stop being a dream and turn into a nightmare.

What can we do? Turn to medicine and pills to deal with life’s pain?

We know. Finding a single solution that will work for everyone is impossible, since we’re all unique in our sadness and our personal sufferings.

Nevertheless, we should be clear on one thing: You should never stop dreaming. It’s in your dreams that your personal aspirations lie. The ones that can build your authentic happiness. So, why be ashamed? Why think that dreams are just castles of smoke that only belong to children?

You have to dream with your wings spread wide, your mind awake and your feet on the ground. What does this mean? That our dreams should feasible. It’s not about longing for something unreachable, such as being in a relationship with a movie star or living in a castle by a lake. It’s all about dreaming and aspiring to things that fit into what we really need. Things that could help us grow internally, to be happy.

Do you dream of a better job? Achieve it by doing everything within your power. Do you dream of a romantic partner that will make you happy? Start by being happy by yourself, and then look for the right person.

Never lose your innocence, your desire to get your hopes up about life. He who stops dreaming, who blocks off his flow of dreams and longings, makes way for fears to appear. To dream is to get your hopes up about your day to day life. Hoping for something better, that happiness will be hiding around every corner.

Don’t lose that inner child that allows you to always see the bright side, the sunshine, and the smiles on people’s faces. Have hope, open yourself up to the world and let it show you the best things in life.

But the moon will never fade
while there are people who continue to dream…

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