Don't Tell Me You Miss Me, Tell Me Where and When We Can See Each Other

Don't Tell Me You Miss Me, Tell Me Where and When We Can See Each Other

Last update: 14 September, 2017

It’s no use you telling me that you miss me, that you really want to share some time with me, that you miss the moments that we’ve spent together, that it’s been too long… just tell me where and when to meet up! These will just be empty words if you do not give me some of your time.

If you can not find a moment to share with me, maybe you don’t really miss me, maybe you have decided to continue with your life and forget the friendship or the love that brought us together. If you cannot spare a moment for me, don’t tell me you miss me, because it just isn’t true.

“I don’t know why, but today I found I missed you, I missed your presence with me, someone said that forgetfulness is full of memory”
-Mario Benedetti-

I do miss you

You have been part of my life, and although you are no longer by my side, and although our relationship is no longer the same, I cannot help but miss you, and remember those days we shared and that we won’t enjoy again, but there may be others days, other times that we can make together.

I miss the way you looked when you knew what I was thinking, when I was angry and you already knew the reason. I miss saying good night to you, even if you were thousands of miles away and for you it was still daylight.

I would like to see you again, because although it has been a long time, I have always thought of you, and I want to look you in the eyes again and know that you have always been close, that you have thought of me, that you have worried about how I am.

Learning to overcome longing

To miss is a very human feeling which can occur in many situations. We may miss a friend who has gone to live in another country, because we know we won’t be able to share lots of things again, but we’re happy that they are happy and that they’re following their destiny. The relationship may change, but if contact is maintained, the friendship will last.

When we live through the breakup of a relationship, it is quite normal for us to move from an initial state of resentment towards the other person, to actually romanticizing the relationship we had and our view of the other person. But we need to overcome this nostalgia and realise that if that person no longer wants to be in our life, then we have to respect that.

 “The worst way to miss someone is to sit next to him and know that you can never have him”
-Gabriel Garcia Marquez-

But we can also miss people who have died, or even our childhood or places we used to spend time in, and yet we haven’t seen again because they may have disappeared, but they still remain in our memory. These are beautiful memories that we treasure and that feeling of nostalgia fills our mind with pleasant memories.

But that nostalgia cannot always be part of our life, because we must continue to enjoy all the little things in the here and now. The longing is overcome by filling your time, enjoying the people who love you and the things that make you happy. Think of all the good things you have in your life, of everything that you appreciate and of all those people who are by your side, and who really miss you.

Write on a piece of paper every day all the good things that happen to you, everything that has made you happy and then read it and remember it when you feel downcast. Do not let sadness invade you, get out there and enjoy your life – you only have one life! Forget those who have forgotten you, and do not give them a place in your life that they don’t deserve. A friend or a partner who really misses you will look for you.

Tell me where and when we can see each other

It doesn’t matter if it’s just for a while or if it’s for several days, tell me where and when we can see each other and I’ll come and share some time with you. If you seek me out, if you write to me, if you want to know about me, as I do you, then I will know that you really do miss me, that time is of no importance, that it has been only a lapse that we have overcome with our love and our affection. Tell me where and when we can meet up. Tell me a place and a time and I will be there, I’ll look you in the eyes and I’ll know that you have always been there.

 “When one shakes the drawer of memories, it is the memories that end up shaking you”
Andrés Castuera-Micher


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