Do You Have An "Old Soul"?

Do You Have An "Old Soul"?

Last update: 19 October, 2022

Surely you have heard people speak of “old souls“. This concept refers to all those who have certain features that differentiate and stand out from the rest. This can be a special talent for music, math, certain developed sensitivities… In all this, there are certain patterns that those who are referred to as “old souls” possess equally.

Would you like to know what they are?

1. High Maturity

If you feel older than your age from a very young age, you may be a “old soul”. The high maturity is characterized by feeling more comfortable with people older than you, having thoughts and reasoning that are above “normal” for your age and feeling you do not fit in with your group of friends.

2. Thinking too much

You take advantage of any moment to think and reflect. You always go deep  into everything that happens to you, in everything that you say, in the acts you see or carry out. You reflect on the pros and cons of your actions by trying to understand everything, and making sense of it based on consistency and reflection.

3. High level of empathy

You understand what happens to others in a special way. You are able to put yourself in their place and understand them when others do not. That’s why they trust you enough to tell you their problems. They know that you will listen and will give them advice without judgment.

4. Strong instinct

This feature has two aspects. The first one refers to a certain “feelingyou have about things that helps you make decisions. Namely when a person is trustworthy or not, when you choose this and not that… Your instinct rarely fails, but there is always the possibility of error.

The other aspect is the instinct towards some skill. A n aturally developed instinct for either music or any other field. For example, Amira Willighagen appeared one day on a program called X Factor which seeks out new talent.

A girl who sings the solo O Mio Babbino Caro with such ease, naturalness and fidelity which, many sopranos who have performed it and even the jury could believe it. Even in the program itself a panelist mentioned that she is an old soul.  Robert Frost and Eckhart Tolle have also been called old souls.

5. Little importance for material things

It not that you reject material things, but it is something that you do not pay attention to. You place more value on personal relationships and experiences than living surrounded by objects of high value. For you, money is necessary, but having a lot is not one of the goals in your life. You settle for what you have and know how to save.

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