Do What Is Worth Doing, Fight For What Is Worth Having

November 30, 2015

It is worth it to laugh at nonsense, and every once in while, to laugh at the serious things too. Everyone deserves at least one moment of calm every day, and also, one moment of chaos. Only do what is worth doing and have what is worth having.

The person who did you a favor today deserves a few words, as does the person who had one of their worst days and just happened to take it out on you, because when we are most in need of love may be when we are at our worst. 

The person to whom we continuously tell our problems to, even if that person is ourselves, deserves a few questions. Our body deserves a nice walk after spending so many hours sitting still and waiting patiently for its turn.

The air, the sun, the wind, and the rain deserve recognition for taking turns every day to care for us and connect us to nature, despite the fact that we hide in high buildings that don’t even let us lean our heads outside.

drawing of the sun cradling the moon

Those dreams which we lock up in a little wooden box, thinking that they hold the key to becoming the person we truly want to be, deserve an opportunity.

It is not bad to be conscious of what we give up in exchange for money; we do not lose our jobs or our know-how, but we give up our limited time, that comes and goes and never comes back. In this way we die, but at the same time we have the opportunity to recover each moment, despite those who condemn us and remind us of our mistakes just to cause us pain, because for us too, life is worth it.

It is more worth it to choose, in an intelligent way, where we enjoy our time rather than worrying about where we spend our money.

Painting of upside-down train in the sky, apartment buildings on the sun

Those who help others deserve help themselves, and, at least, some words of encouragement. It is those people who still believe that everything is not lost and despite the atrocities that we have committed, the part of mankind that is suffering may have an answer.

Those who have taken a step in the right direction deserve a vote of confidence, even if they make the same mistake again. We must remember that if they can understand where we are, they will be much wiser and stronger than we are.

When something is worth doing, it is worth it even if we do it wrong.

Every person’s ideas deserve respect, and especially those who spend more time living and experimenting, whether it be through science or through personal experiences. Our best ideas are born from the pieces of all our other ideas.

Surprises, especially giving them, are worth it because that kind of excitement cannot be bought. And, of course, it makes it worth it to give those surprises to those who put the biggest smiles on our faces.

Painting of girl riding hanging star at night

A good song, a good book, a nice painting, or a good movie, are all worth taking in, because anything may hold a story that we can relate to, and if not, it can at least make us laugh, cry, love, or hate…even so, isn’t it still worth it to have experienced it?

People who feel they have the power to make decisions about other people’s lives, those who block others from expressing themselves freely by using fear and threats like deadly weapons instead of starting a dialogue based on honest respect and active listening, deserve our indignation, no matter how often that may be.

The person who regrets but doesn’t know how to express it deserves forgiveness more than the person who can say it but does not actually mean itFirstly, it has to do with not making the mistake again, and secondly it has to do with a question of pride from which, in the end, we should all free ourselves.

And finally, those everyday heroes who remain hidden and who make the effort to maintain structure in an extraordinarily weak world in the face of our ability to destroy and to cause pain.

We have amazing powers: that of giving, of building, of collaborating, of sharing, of expressing ourselves, of defending ourselves and each other, and of enjoying…the best part is that everyone can do what they feel is worth doing.

Main image courtesy of danilag