6 Phrases That Can Change Your Life

6 Phrases That Can Change Your Life

Last update: 29 November, 2017

Words are more powerful than we imagine. Thanks to them, we feel emotions, longings, and endless feelings. They are capable of making us laugh out loud or cry bitterly. They form phrases that can change your life, giving you a new purpose.

There are phrases that end wars, others that start them. Many phrases determine the destiny of a person who is sinking in the mud. They encourage them to give their all. These phrases are the ones that become the engine of the world. 

The phrases that can change your life are the ones that promote bravery, honesty, and nobility. They urge you to give the best of yourself, and to remember who you are and who you want to be. They can seem boring at first, but they contain fundamental values for human development.

6 phrases that can change your life

1. No one can make you feel inferior without your permission

This ironic yet accurate phrase belongs to the American politician and writer Eleanor Roosevelt. As she herself said, nobody has the power to make you feel inferior, unless you give it to them.

Do not let yourself be trampled by anyone. No person has the right to humiliate others, and whoever does so demonstrates very little education and respect for others. If you do not allow hurtful comments to affect you, they will lose all their malicious power.

phrases that can change your life

2. Being alone is not as bad as being with someone who makes you feel alone

Robin Williams is the architect of this sad sentiment. We currently live in a society in which we are told that not having an ideal partner is a sign of failure. We are made to believe we need to be with another person to be complete. This is completely false.

We must learn to be alone, because it will help us avoid emotional dependency and it’s harmful consequences. Being with someone must be a matter of choice, never necessity. 

3. To make mistakes is to learn

Many people are unable to accept their mistakes. They believe that being wrong is weak, when really it is wise. Young children need to fall over and over again until they learn to walk. The same goes for adults. An error is an opportunity.

If you’ve never been wrong, it’s because you’ve never tried. In order to advance, it is necessary to learn to fall and accept defeats. 

“The mistake of the past is the wisdom and success of the future.”

-Dale Turner

4. Loving yourself is the beginning of an eternal love

Love yourself. Love yourself as you would the love of you life because, in the end, you are. Oscar Wilde is responsible for putting forth this phrase. He believed it was necessary to treat each other with respect and understanding. Take care of your body and your soul, and do not let anyone tell you that you’re worthless.

Loving oneself also means eliminating those habits and people that only hurt you. You must ensure your own welfare. Throw away what doesn’t make you feel good. 

phrases that can change your life

5. Find what you love and let it kill you

This phrase comes from the writer Charles Bukowski and is all about motivation. Find something you are passionate about, that makes you feel in love with life. Immerse yourself in it and give the best of yourself. Work hard on it and fall in love with what you are doing.

Do not forget, however, that it is not good to obsess. Feeling motivated by something is very beneficial, but there are other facets of your life that also require your attention. Don’t ignore them.

6. If you do not have enemies, it means you have never fought for anything

Winston Churchill knew that certain decisions could earn him many enemies. Even so, he chose to act according to his principles, because he considered it the right thing to do.

Fight for what you consider necessary. There will be people who will encourage you and others who will not agree with you. Respect the latter, but do not allow them to interfere with your purpose if you believe it is a noble one.

Self-esteem is the fundamental value that these phrases promote. Love yourself and respect yourself. Fight for what makes you happy and don’t let others make decisions for you. The struggle for happiness is not without failures, the important thing is to keep going.

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