The Most Difficult Opponent to Beat Is in Your Head

The Most Difficult Opponent to Beat Is in Your Head

Last update: 01 February, 2017

The most difficult opponent to beat in order to overcome my problems is inside me. My head shouts to ask me for the opportunity that I do not offer it, and yet, I insist on blaming ghosts that do not exist. Or even by existing, I am giving them authority.

While I review the options to go on, I understand that jumping the barriers after they have been accepted will be the most comforting solution for my well-being. Remember, in the end that external enemies are nightmares that must be overcome, however, internal enemies seek understanding and strength.

Control your fears

Imagine that I get it and my fear, my most tenacious rival, lost the battle. Why not? Fears that slow me down have power over me since they just want to see me fall. However, the fears I name, I can control and use to build courageous self-esteem.

“Do not call someone who is afraid a coward, just hug them and say that, unlike anything else, the monsters exist until you put them name to them.”

-Elvira Sastre-

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Millions of times we have been full of dreams and we believed that we could not approach them because circumstances or people prevented us. But the truth is that most of those times we forget that the power others have over us is that which we give them and the circumstances are less bleak the more we look them in the face.

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Use difficulty as motivation

Circumstances or people can both become problems. I, for example, have all kinds and they are probably different from yours because we have had different experiences. Also, difficulties are relative; what may seem little to you may drown me.

Above this, we also all have an emotional destination that is universal: to achieve the health and balance of our feelings. When I start to think I’m incompetent, that I’m wrong more than I am right, I need something but I’m not able to get it… I’m creating a huge rival in my head.

“We have to impose our will on our weaknesses.”

-Carlos Slim-

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There is no worse feeling than that which brutally turns us into our own enemies. So why don’t I try to use all these adversities as motivation? I plan to make a list of stones that hinder me and build them into a place that helps me to feel closer to the sky and less anchored to the ground.

Your happiness is in your hands

I decided that if the biggest rival to beat is me, I will fight with my desire to win. I will try to be more daring, I’ll let bygones be bygones, I’ll reject the rancor and hatred, I’ll finish with the lies and, above all, close the door on outside judgments seeking to hurt me.

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As external enemies become larger, the internal ones become larger also. It’s as if they had a method to discover you when you’re vulnerable and thus tie up your will to go forward. So the first thing I want to do is to avoid hurting myself, and give myself the opportunity to be my own best friend.

I want my happiness to be in my hands. Don’t I have enough external, free harm that I can receive from the outside? Why set barriers for myself? Why stop myself from dreaming and fulfilling my dream? And a lot of stars wished to be aligned.

“I have survived myself: you’re not going to kill me.”

-Nerea Delgado-

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