Difficult Challenges Are Achieved by Battling Them

Difficult Challenges Are Achieved by Battling Them

Last update: 24 January, 2017

Do you have a challenge and want to overcome it? Well fight with all your strength and you’ll get a little closer. There is no other way to overcome challenges than a combination between effort and enjoyment. Athletes speak of two types of pain: what they feel when they are injured and suffering and when they compete and give it their all. At first they suffer and afterwards they enjoy because they flow with it.

However, we do not want to fool anyone with this article. Seeing our innermost dreams fulfilled is not an easy target. Moreover, for every person who achieves it, ten fall on the road trying to overcome the challenges, because the journey has so many ledges and corners that they often fall into despondency and apathy.

Yet in the next few lines I would like to propose a number of ideas to find out what your most cherished goals are and work every day to achieve what you’ve always wanted deep down and have never dared to even recognize. You have the right to try with every drop of your effort, however difficult the goal may be.

Set your own goals

I can tell you to fight with all your strength, but first we must know why, don’t you think? It’s not about doing piecework without really knowing what the goals we want to achieve are. So the first thing is to know what your dreams and desires are, those you mention when you’re asked to define yourself.


Searching, as the first task, is not the shortest task or the one that will pose the least amount of challenges. Remember that many years have passed with dormant dreams which you have lost by excuses and procrastination. That is for later, for when, or better yet when…, etc.

This is a complex first process in which many people give up directly. It is as if they found a plate of great food in front of them and felt they had no choice but to swallow it all in one mouthful. If you have not been in a hurry to get to it, now you do not want to eat all in one shot. That will seem incomprehensible. Everything else you find along the path towards you goal is best done one by one.

Prepare a plan of action

I can tell you to fight with all your strength, but in what direction? So, once you have located the wildest dreams of your heart, it’s time to trace the plan we will follow. In it, point to the help you count on and plan on intermediate rewards after those challenges that you think will require more effort.

At this point it is important to be honest with yourself. Set feasible and achievable goals. It is not a good idea to put the cart before the horse. However, we must ambition, with objectives that are not overly complex but not too simple, because both paths may end up being frustrating.

Remember to prepare a sensible and realistic plan of action. The excess of birds in your head will be the first things to put the goals that you intend out of your reach. It is easy to err on this point, as many have failed to want to see that what is unfeasible is also complex. Do not remove your feet from the ground and be aware of how far you can get sensibly.

“I think that he who conquers his desires is braver than he who conquers his enemies, as the hardest victory is the victory over oneself”


Fire up the plan of action

You have already marked down your objectives and the plan of action to follow. Now is the time to implement the necessary mechanisms to move in the right direction.

Remember that there will be many omens, dissonant voices, obstacles on the road and less traveled paths. However, you have to believe in yourself and protect that faith. Do not forget that you are a valid person with aptitude, attitude and the desire to succeed.


At this point another good number of people will fall. The changes of attitude will not always be understood and social pressure can be so strong that it deters very capable minds. Unfortunately, we live in a finite world in which not everyone is prepared to meet the challenges of a dream. Education and social environment does not provide tools and structures for it, which is a recurring waste in our society.

Fight with all your strength

Finally, I just have one final point so that you see your dreams fulfilled. Fight with all your strength. Do not let anything or anyone take you away from your goals and work with perseverance, enthusiasm, fixation and effort.

Do not forget the challenges that have already passed. They are forces that demonstrate your courage, rubrics proving that you faced difficult situations that you skipped or dodged, but the fact is they did not prevent you from advancing.


Celebrities who fought for their dreams

If we look around us, we find dozens of people who one day believed in themselves and were able to see their dreams come true. They worked with great effort and understood the challenges that appeared on the road as a learning opportunity.

Among the famous names are people like Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, Warren Buffett, an authentic inspiration by his investments at Berkshire Hathaway, or Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.

“The possibility of realizing a dream is what makes life interesting”

-Paulo Coelho-

Obviously, these are very concrete cases of people who fought with all their strength. We cannot forget that for every one that goes until the very end and achieves their goal, there are thousands who fail. However, it is human nature to try to tirelessly achieve, despite the shadow of failure  that will always remain lurking, for everyone, including the brave.

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