Steve Jobs' 5 "Never" Quotes

24 January, 2016

The co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, in addition to his expertise, tenacity and creativity, left us a multitude of phrases that demonstrate his enormous will to excel. And above all, he left behind five “never” quotes we should remember every day, to strive to be ourselves, to excel, and to be who we really want to be.

“Have the courage to do what your heart and intuition tell you to do.” 
-Steve Jobs-

Never give up

Achieving a dream is not an easy thing to do. It’s complicated and requires a lot of effort, a great deal of willpower and enormous self-confidence. On the path towards our dream, we’ll find a thousand setbacks which will demoralize us, that will make us think we cant go on, but it’s always possible to keep going. There’s always a path or another way to reach our dream.

“You can keep me from sleeping, but you’ll never be able to take away my desire to keep dreaming.”
woman arms up
It’s crucial to leave your fears behind, because though it’s normal to be afraid when faced with uncertainty, it’s not good to let fear paralyze you. Do what scares you first. Don’t leave it for last. The rest will be much simpler.

Never pretend to be something you’re not

Simplicity and transparency should accompany us throughout our lives. Our thoughts and feelings should be expressed with sincerity and without offending others. This way we’ll relate to other people that will give us values and happiness.

If we live for our appearances, the people that surround us won’t know who we really are and the relationships we have with others won’t be real. Show your appreciation for the people you love. Let them comfort you when you feel bad and celebrate your triumphs with you.

Never stay still

No dream will come looking for you and knock on your door. You’ll have to go out and look for what you want. Move your body and mind with constant activity. No matter your age, it’s always possible to find things to do. It’s about getting out of our comfort zone and developing all of our professional and personal abilities.

“If you don’t work for your dreams, someone will hire you to work for theirs.” 
-Steve Jobs-
tying shoes

Do sports, read, travel, take a walk, go to the movies or the theater, ride a bike, write, make a speech, paint, take some photographs, cook, draw, sing, dance. Take advantage of every second of your existence. Live in the here and now. Never stay still. Learn something new every day, never stop moving your mind. Do sports everyday, never stop moving your body.

Never cling to the past

The past is something we can’t change, we can only change the future. We have all made mistakes in our lives, but we should simply learn from them and leave them behind to try to not make the same mistakes again. If we cling to the past, we won’t be able to move forward.

“It doesn’t matter how many times you mess up or how slowly you progress, you’re still way ahead of the people that don’t even try.” 
-Anthony Robbins-

Our memories are a part of our lives, but we can’t allow them to be an obstacle or use them as an excuse to not move forward.

Never stop dreaming

Throughout our lives we should maintain a dream, an objective that will make us get up every day with joy and will bring a smile to our faces. It should be something that excites us in the deepest part of our soul, that motivates us, and make us feel full and fulfilled. Something that makes us vibrate.

Trust yourself, know your strengths and weaknesses, know your passions and fight for what you want, for your dream. The difficulties should not be a motive of discouragement but rather a motive to fight with more tenacity on the path towards our dreams.

Remember the hope you felt as a child? Recover that hope, that curiosity, that different way of seeing things. Smile, hug, kiss, enjoy the people you love. Never lose that hope for new things, for everything that surrounds you, for how life moves and every small thing you find along your way.

“If you have a great dream, you have to be willing to put in a great deal of effort to achieve it because only the great can reach the great.”
-Facundo Cabral-