Comparisons Do Us No Good

Comparisons Do Us No Good

Last update: 31 October, 2016

We live in a world of constant comparisons that only seem to raise our self-esteem or, on the contrary, sink it to unthinkable depths.

Someone will always come out on the losing end in a comparison, and someone will always come out on top. That is not at all a positive thing. Not even for the person who ends up winning. Comparing yourself, being compared by others, it takes away from our lives. It doesn’t add anything to them.

We aren’t the exact copy of any one else. Therefore, we should not compare ourselves to anyone. Each one of us is unique and special. Comparing ourselves to each other is a useless way of pretending to be better than other people, when we are really just different.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Hold your head up high and remember: you are not better or worse. You are simply you, and no one can beat that.

You are one of a kind!

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Although we are born learning a certain set of things (how to behave, how to talk…) and we can copy ways of talking and walking from the family members closest to us, the truth is that even still, each of us is one of a kind in this world.

There will never ever be anyone like you. That’s why comparisons are completely and totally useless. Comparisons stem from the need to reward the person that ends up on the winning end of a comparison, and it drives the other person to strive harder in order to be more like the winner.

This is something that is completely impossible. The person that loses in the comparison, no matter how hard they try, will never be like the other person. This will only generate frustration for them, because they will never accomplish what others want them to do. Or what they themselves want to do if they are the ones making the comparison.

It is important that we reflect upon the topic of comparing ourselves, from the inside, with other people. Because this is a clear example of envy. 

When we envy someone, we aspire to be like them, to reach what they have accomplished. But, are you trying to be like them? Maybe it is not in the hand you were dealt to travel along their same path. Follow your own path. Don’t try to walk down paths that don’t belong to you.

“Comparisons are never good, and even less so between siblings. Since this is propitiating the generation of resentment. This will make the relationship between the siblings wear down over time. Besides, they will feel that the love you have for them as a parent is not equal or even.”

Say goodbye to comparisons for good

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Now that you understand that comparisons won’t bring anything good into your life, it is important that you eliminate them from your life all together. The people around you will probably try to continue comparing you to other people. Even your inner self will probably have this tendency on occasion.

But, whether the comparison emerges from within you or it comes from an outside source, it’s time to focus on turning a blind eye onto something that will demean us and drag us backward instead of forwards.

Don’t seek the approval of others: comparing yourself to others makes you worry about how they are seeing you. That’s why we always seek out to make others approve what we are doing whenever we can. Furthermore, we feel insecure. We don’t know if we are doing the right thing. We are not following our own path. Be sure of yourself and follow your own path. On this path you will also accomplish amazing things. 

Don’t try to be admired or admire others: that will only feed your ego. It is best for you to find someone to be your source of inspiration, that will help you accomplish your goals. Don’t try to admire and be like someone else, and then try to make the same things happen to you.

Nobody is perfect: surely you are looking at that someone that you are comparing yourself to (or who you are compared to by others) as if they are perfect, but that is simply not the case. That is a reality that your mind has decided to create. Nobody is perfect, neither are you. And that is the most beautiful proof of perfection. 

Now that you know that you must run away from comparisons, it is time to toss them into the garbage, look ahead and start to be nothing shy of yourself. You have a unique and special personality. You only need to discover it. Once it comes out, you will feel at home with yourself, and you will no longer have to worry about comparing yourself to others. Trust yourself, be sure of yourself and of who you are.

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