Start a Relationship Off Right: Ask These Questions from the Start

· July 21, 2016

When we begin a relationship, we project thousand of hopes onto ourselves and our partners. It’s the very beginning, and we want to offer the best of ourselves in every way.  Hope makes us take care of ourselves better, because we want the other person to like us. We’re nicer, we put on our friendliest face, and we don’t ask the tough questions. When we fall in love, we are overwhelmed by happiness, and it’s hard to even get angry.

The inner workings of love

The phase of flirting, courting, and falling in love, and ultimately the decision to choose our partner, is a little bit bewildering. When we fall in love, we are ourselves, but we’re also not.

If we want the other person to like us, we have to hide our flaws, our differences. Everyone does this both consciously and unconsciously. We want to appear like the ideal person to our potential partner.

But in time, once the first few moments have passed, you start to say things like: “But that’s not how you are!” “I didn’t know you didn’t like that,” and “But when we met, you…”

coffee couple

So why don’t we turn the tables a bit and start flirting and offering a better smile, but also bringing up issues that in the future will leave a mark on our relationships.

“Choose your life’s mate carefully. From this one decision will come ninety percent of all your happiness or misery.”

-H. Jackson Brown-

A loving questionnaire

You can talk to your partner about everything, even from the very beginning. It all depends on how delicately and intelligently you say it.

We want to know the person we’re attracted to more deeply, and they also want to know us.

Why can’t we have our head in the clouds and feel butterflies in our stomachs, while also showing them who we really are and what we really want in a partner, both in the present and in the future?

Here’s a loving questionnaire so that in one way or another, you can fall for the person who is starting to become really special to you, who you want to be in a long-term relationship with; but also so you can also understand things more clearly.


There are people who won’t enter into a relationship unless they think it will end in marriage. But for others, marriage has no meaning, and they might even reject it altogether.

What would you do if your partner didn’t want to get married, but for you it was the biggest hope of your life? Or what about the reverse?

Knowing how the other person feels about marriage could be very important for your future.

“There’s a secret to being happy with the person you love: don’t try to change them.”



To have children or not to have them is a major decision in our lives. Nobody should sacrifice such an important decision for their partner.

Many relationships and marriages break up because of this issue. So before you get in too deep, why not bring it up at the beginning of the relationship?

child holding hands


Religion unites, but it also divides. It marks a pattern of behavior in people’s lives.

Could you be with someone who had different beliefs than you? If it’s important to you, ask them about their beliefs.


Some people give extreme importance to money, and they won’t be happy if they don’t have material things. However, others prefer to work less and have more free time.

The question of money indicates a style of living. Is their style of living similar to yours? Ask them.

Personality and lifestyle

People are adventurous, quiet, shy, extroverted… Maybe you don’t like to get off the couch, but your partner likes rafting. Do you think you’d be compatible in a relationship? You’d have to verify it.

The question of love is a difficult one, but like everything in life, you understand people better when you talk to them.

The best person for you is someone who knows which things are essential for you in a partner and which aren’t. Talk to your partner and figure it out for yourselves.