Your Caress Reenergizes My Soul

Your Caress Reenergizes My Soul

Last update: 04 September, 2017

The caress of a loved one has the power to reenergize our soul. It is like the warm murmuring of an ocean creating agreeable sensations for our body , quenching our fears, crossing the recesses of hidden uncertainties, breaking down barriers and bringing us together. The fact is that there are caresses that can heal and wise hands that can caress the skin and reach the soul.
The art of caressing requires us to be, above all, good artisans of the world of emotions. Because, whether we believe it or not, the music of the senses and pleasures has its origin in the brain. It is the brain that tells us which person has the right to caress us and it processes what kind of caresses are the ones that bring us greater well-being.

The caresses, hugs and looks of those we love are as necessary in our life as roots are for a tree. Without them, we would slowly wither away. Something curious that we should keep in mind is that our DNA appears to be coded with a need for physical contact in order to survive as a species. A newborn baby, for example, cannot grow in a healthy way if it is not cuddled, hugged and embraced. We, too, when we reach adulthood, need these loving gestures to strengthen the bond with our loved ones.

Caressing is not just for our physical pleasure. It is an act of reaffirmation and belonging, a bond that is established from our senses to give security to our brain. It certainly is something to reflect on.

The daily caress that your brain calls out for

In a very interesting article published in the journal “Psychology Today“, love was defined in a very succint way: it is the search for a secure and enriching connection with another human being. Through this link, people are united emotionally to nourish themselves, calm fears and protect one another.

Everyone from birth has that need to build secure stable relationships, where the signs of affection are the unmistakable expression of these feelings. It is here that a caress is always seen as a type of high power language capable of going beyond mere words to pierce the skin and the senses. In this way, the bond strengthens, and the brain supplies us with a good dose of endorphins.

So, what happens at a neural level when there is lack of caresses or an absence of physical contact from our loved ones? We can sum it up in two very clear ideas:

  • When there is no emotional expressiveness, when a partner does not receive signs of affection, caresses or hugs, a “disconnection” occurs, and the brain experiences a type of panic
  • This lack of bonding expressed in physical contact and emotional words, generates loneliness and in turn, a complex situation of stress that the mind understands firstly as a threat. The absence of human touch is taken as a lack of reaffirmation of love. It is a deep void in the soul that creates a situation of stress in the brain

The art of caressing

The brain is the watchman which transmits the pleasure of the human touch and which yearns for it as a daily food. It is not enough to just “touch”, it is necessary to know how to seduce and reaffirm the bond, because the physical contact that generates well-being, pleasure and safety must be offered by someone significant who means a lot to us and who is a good artisan of the world of emotions.

Sometimes, when we caress the skin, we also try to caress the desire that awakens our own desire in the other person. The skin is a like a minefield linked by five million nerve endings. This is a fascinating truth, because it opens up a whole new map to discover, to attend to and to activate. We are sure that you would love to discover what these mechanisms are, which are capable of generating the most pleasurable caresses, those that reinvigorate our soul.

Our fascinating skin map that connects with our emotions

The brain reacts to human touch in an amazing way. It is something so pure, instinctive and almost magical that makes us understand from childhood that when someone cries they can be consoled with hugs. Worries are relieved by a caress, and a pat on the shoulder or the back gives us closeness and encouragement.

According to an article published in “The Journal of Neurosciencea caress is like music for our brain, and depending on who offers it, and in what context, it will trigger one emotion or another.

The most pleasurable caresses for lovers, are those offered at 1.3 and 10 centimeters per second. This is a subtle and perfect level that activates the so-called “mechanoreceptors” which send a resounding message to the brain: the message of pleasure.

The brain allows us to “connect” with people through touch. A caress is also an emotional detector of fear, desire or sadness. The reason for this is due to the insula, a deep region of the brain and the key to the emotional universe.
So, all in all, a fascinating subject that reminds us of the importance of practicing every day this “science” which you do not need a degree for. Mastering the art of caressing is something that is always at our fingertips.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.