I Can’t Forgive You for Not Knowing How to Fly

May 27, 2016

I don’t care if your eyes are blue or brown, if your hair is blonde or gray, if you have a lot of hair or you’re bald, but I don’t forgive you for having your feet on the ground. I don’t forgive you for not letting your imagination soar, for not surrounding yourself with your dreams, for not knowing how to fly.

A person that doesn’t know how to fly keeps you anchored to the ground. They keep you bound, sew your wings down, don’t let you dream. They don’t allow you to think of clouds, the sun, sand and waves. A person that doesn’t know how to fly doesn’t let you be yourself.

“Feet, why would I want them if I have wings to fly?”
-Frida Kahlo-

Those who know how to fly

A person that knows how to fly will inspire you, enrapture your soul and heart. They’ll make you dream and take all of your senses on a journey. They’ll dance with you, whisper in your ear, caress your skin and mind. They’ll make you fly, too. A person who knows how to fly…

Values sensitivity

Those who know how to fly practice sensitivity in everything they do. A person who knows how to fly will put all of their senses into each detail of their existence. They’ll be able to smell the clouds, caress the smell of wet grass, taste every word uttered. They are observers by nature, curious about life, about others. Their sensitivity is extreme. They laugh, cry, get excited by a flower or a gust of wind.
woman and bird

Dreams with their eyes open

If you see a person that is distracted every day, that lets themselves get carried away by their dreams, they know how to fly. They have many great ideas in this absent-minded state. Daydreaming requires great bravery and desire to learn. People who know how to fly visualize the present, past, future and link them together to create the tissue of their dreams.

Enjoys solitude

Solitude is an opportunity to look into every corner of your soul, to know who you are. Solitude is a good companion when we feel bad, because it will exert its curative powers over us. It allows us to reflect and organize our ideas. If you fly, you’ll know.

Falls and gets back up

If a person that knows how to fly trips and falls, they get right back up. If they stumble over the same obstacle and fall again, they know it wasn’t a stumble but a choice. They make thousands of mistakes, but don’t become discouraged. They learn from their mistakes. A person that knows how to value sees every mistake as a new opportunity.

“No bird goes up too high, if it flies with its own wings.”
-William Blake-

Takes risks

A person that flies enjoys taking risks. They know that it can turn out well, and if so, the outcome will be excellent. They will run the risk of loving you if you let them tiptoe into your life. They will gift you with smiles, kisses and hugs. They will support you in your risks and teach you to take them.

Follows their passion

If someone knows how to fly, they’ll follow their passion, fight to discover what really captures their heart and won’t stop pursuing it. If someone who knows how to fly feels passionate about something, they’ll let their senses soar. They’ll suffer, cry, laugh and live. They’ll let themselves get carried away by their heart. If they feel it beat, they’ll go after what makes it beat harder and faster. If they feel pain in their heart, they’ll let go, with sadness but also with conviction.
woman and butterflies

Loses track of time

If you fly, you’ll notice that while you dream, the days, hours, minutes, and seconds completely lack meaning. An hour will be a second, a week will be a century. But each moment you’ll know what you’ve done. You’ll know that it was worth living and experiencing that moment. Time is relative if you fly. You just have to unfold your wings and let yourself go with the flow.

“I don’t know, I don’t give a damn if women
have breasts the size of magnolias or dried figs;
the complexion of a peach or sandpaper.
To me it has no importance
whether they awake with an aphrodisiac breath
or with breath like insecticide.
I’m perfectly capable of tolerating
a nose that could win first prize
out of a display of carrots;
But make no mistake! – and I’m unyielding on this
– I can’t forgive them, under any pretext, if they don’t know how to fly.
If they can’t fly, they’re wasting their time trying to seduce me!”
-Oliveiro Girondo-