Become a Magnet for Positive Energy!

May 17, 2016

There’s positivity all around us. These things help motivate us, help us learn and also keep us moving forward to reach our goals.

But, did you know that you could attract positivity any time you wanted? You just need to be willing to follow some simple tips so you can become a true magnet for positive energy.

“You have to be the type of person that generates positive energy and avoids negative energy, instead of fortifying it. ”
-Stephen Covey-

If we start thinking in a positive way, we will attract positive energy which will make us have a happy life, full of abundance.

We simply need to learn to project our inner energy towards the outside. If we’re positive on the inside and transmit it towards the external world, we’ll learn to live our life with happiness and positivity. In addition, everything will start to go much smoother in our lives.

How to attract positive energy

Live in the here and now

Don’t dwell in the past and don’t obsess over the future. The things that already happened to you can’t be changed and the future hasn’t arrived yet. It still has many surprises left to discover.

Though it may be hard, we need to focus on the present, solving and learning from the mistakes we made in the past, waiting for the future with optimism, expectant of what might happen our surprise us.

woman blowing bubbles

Often we waste our time thinking about things that already happened or about what could happen in the future, instead of focusing on the present, which is the only thing that matters.

Think about the fact that life is only an instant and that times goes by so fast. If you don’t take advantage of the here and now, if you live lost in you dreams, you’ll be missing valuable moments. Focus on the present and live each day with optimism, desire and strength.

One of the techniques you should put into practice which will help you with this aspect is meditation. With just a few minutes a day we can be aware of our present, see things in a clearer way and achieve the calmness and tranquility we so desperately need.

“We should meditate, therefore, about the things that provide us with happiness, because if we enjoy it, we’ll possess everything, and if we lack it, we’ll do everything we can to obtain it.”

Observe your thoughts, analyze them without censuring them. Think and visualize where you want to go and you’ll start to focus on the here and now.

Meditation will even allow you to find remedies to those problems you used to think had no solution. Also, it will help you see things better, allowing you to make better decisions.

Be grateful as often as you can

Being grateful of absolutely everything will allow us to deal with almost any situation with serenity, security and gratitude. But, why should we be thankful?

  • For the good things and the bad things.
  • For the mistakes we’ve made, for they have helped us move forward and learn.
  • For the little things, that may even seem insignificant.
  • For being alive and being able to make our dreams come true.

Being grateful helps us feel more confident and helps us attract positive energy.

happy woman

But being grateful also implies being grateful for yourself. This means we avoid self-criticism, especially when we make a mistake.

How many times have you thought: Why didn’t I do that? Why didn’t I have the courage? I was so dumb! All these negative adjectives and disqualifying words harm you and provoke the absence of positive energy.

Welcome patience, tranquility and calmness into your life.

Learn to create an environment of tranquility and harmony around you, which will help you live in the present, be grateful even for yourself and avoid discrediting yourself over possible mistakes and negative situations.

Fill your home with aromas, colors, candles, make changes! This will all attract positive energy towards you. It will make your life start changing for the better.

Don’t allow negative energy to fill up your life; instead, turn yourself into a magnet for positive energy with these simple steps