Be the Best Version of Yourself

Be the Best Version of Yourself

Last update: 16 April, 2016

We all seek out the best in ourselves, but very few succeed. Often, we are our worst enemies. Some people even take on self-destructive behaviors such as addictions.

No matter how old you are, it is always difficult to draw out the best version of ourselves. There are those who are unwittingly self-destructive and others who know, but do nothing to change. If you feel ready and determined to be the best version of yourself follow these steps:

Stop speaking negatively

“I’m a failure at love,” “I can never have the body I want,” and “my life sucks” are just three of the many phrases we say frequently.

When you have this kind of negative conversation you convince yourself that certain irrational ideas are real and true.

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This is a real problem because it can cause you to sabotage yourself or stop trying. Learning to quiet the negative self-talk is very important.

Identify the times when these phrases begin to appear in your mind. As soon as you see you’ve begun to sabotage yourself, think of something positive. Eventually, it will become easier for you.

Stop criticizing and judging others

Have you noticed how easy it is to criticize others? We do it because it gives us a sense of superiority and control. To be the best version of yourself you need to remove all the negative energy from your life The first step may be to avoid judging others.

Allow yourself to get to know those around you know without any expectations or attempts to control. Each of us is different and that’s fine. Everyone lives as they want and you must do the same.

Stop fearing failure

One of the things that prevents you from being the best version of yourself is the fear of failure. Maybe you want something with all your might but do not dare to put yourself out there because you’re afraid of making a mistake. So you choose to avoid the risk and spend time feeling that something is wrong with your life.

The most authentic people are those who know what they want and go for it. The rest only settle for receiving what life gives them. Don’t be afraid of being wrong; mistakes are the best source of knowledge and growth.

Do what you want

This has much to do with failure. If you spend your whole life running from failure it is likely you’ll end up doing things you don’t really want to do. From studying something that doesn’t interest you to marrying someone who doesn’t make you happy.

The best version of yourself appears when you take risks in order to find yourself. Dream and do your best to make those dreams a reality.

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Finally, forget about being perfect for everyone else. It’s impossible and trying to achieve perfection will make you very unhappy. If you’re going to please someone, let that someone be you.

Surround yourself with people who motivate you

Another way to be the best version of yourself is to surround yourself with people who make you better. When your friends and family speak positively and motivate you to achieve your goals, the road is easier and more rewarding.

If your friends and family are not exactly good company, look for alternatives. Don’t completely leave your friends, but give yourself permission to meet new people that generate good vibes.

You can also seek advisers, therapists or coaches to help you find the motivation you need.

Are you ready to be yourself?

As you can see, the path to being yourself is not the easiest thing in the world. But what will make the difference between success or failure is your attitude.

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