Awareness Is the First Step Toward Healing or Changing

Awareness Is the First Step Toward Healing or Changing

Last update: 24 June, 2017

Achieving a state of awareness is, above all, an awakening. It is opening your eyes from within in order to make the subconscious conscious and thus be able to begin a much needed personal revolution. Only then will we be able to heal, to let go of the things that harm us. To simply move forward towards the life we deserve.

Many philosophers and sociologists define our current society as a sleeping entity. We live focused on our “I”s. But they are “I”s that others have managed to numb through consumerism. We experience eternal dissatisfaction, always longing to achieve and acquire much more than we already have.

“We know what we are, but we still don’t know what we can become.”
-William Shakespeare-

Maybe this is true. Maybe we are a society like “The Matrix”, forever submerged in a state of apathy. An inner atmosphere in which we quench emotional voids through the pleasure of food. In which we alleviate loneliness with ephemeral relationships. Where we limit ourselves to avoiding boredom by a momentary catharsis using the games on our phones or PCs. Maybe….

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