In Ordinary Lives Extraordinary Things Happen

In Ordinary Lives Extraordinary Things Happen

Last update: 22 October, 2016

In ordinary lives extraordinary things happen, those that leave you breathless and make you believe that everything we experience makes sense. In ordinary life there is room for success that makes a difference, even if it’s not reflected in a book, a film or a magazine cover with someone with an inflated ego.

We’re raised to believe that the extraordinary is something that never happens to most mortals, but it is not true. You and I have surely seen amazing things in the stifling routine of everyday life. In a silent subway car when we peek out the window we see something different from the landscape that doesn’t seem to harbor anything interesting to tell.

They are landscapes, people and situations of the most ordinary that allow for extraordinary events.

Unexpected encounters

We often think that we jumped into another day of our existence which will mean another date on the calendar, without anything of value.

But in ordinary life there are accidental encounters that can change everything. One morning when walk through a park and someone much older than you but full of vitality comes to you because they need a smile.

woman in poppy field

A casual encounter that can lead to other walks where you tell them how confusing you think the future is and he tells you how wonderful it would be to hold on to that feeling. They turn into memories, invaluable life lessons and sincere company that neither one of you expected.

Or you’re traveling in a foreign place and meet someone with whom you connect immediately by telling them why you’re on this trip. For you it may only be to visit a friend, but perhaps for him it is to leave behind many things and start a new life.

When the farewell comes you know it’s rare you will see them again, but that’s what makes it beautiful. You will always remember that person, and your mind will go in circles wondering if that guy you met many years ago ended up happy.

When two people meet in a taxi to share expenses, they end up sharing their histories. In o rdinary lives extraordinary encounters happen when two worlds come together to meet.


Love stories that will never be written

Love stories that were separated by circumstances, but whose flame in the heart of its protagonists never ends up going out. They may not find what they’re looking for, but evoking memories will always remind them of the best time of their life.

In ordinary lives there are stories of love that will never be written but which bear strength and power of this feeling.

couple hugging in front of a tree with no leaves and birds

Stories of love of a mother with her sick daughter, who spends life at home with the hope that one day her daughter will be able to get beyond those walls.

A mother clinging to the memory and love and service for her daughter. They wouldn’t consider the mother to be courageous, but she is. In ordinary lives, mothers can possess a courage too brave to not be called extraordinary.

Personal changes that deserve a merit badge that will never be hung

In ordinary lives are stories of change. Like a young man with a broken childhood , but managed to find himself despite everything and everyone, and has now fulfilled his dream of graduating college.

He will embrace his last grade with pride and walk back to his small apartment looking around and being aware that he is living a unique feeling in his life. He will cross paths with ordinary people who do their shopping and go for walks, being one more of the ordinary crowd that changes his life and therefore the world.

book with open pages

Or that woman who, after spending a stormy marriage oppressed by indifference, leaves her second painting class where she has found for the first time in many years people with whom she can speak of beautiful things, without fear of them just telling her nonsense.

She feels happy and full, even thought it’s just an ordinary class organized by an association in her neighborhood, and now she seems to have a different rhythm and a special glow.

Dogs and children playing in nature, so beautiful and ordinary

In ordinary lives are stories full of beauty and feelings. One os the most common scenes is a child playing with dirt next to a dog looking intently.

The dog approaches him, he rolls around in the dirt with him, stroking his nose and starts running so that he will chase him. Excited and full of innocence, both make their care givers laugh; mother and owner.

“Sometimes we can spend years without living at all, and suddenly our whole life is concentrated on a single moment.”

-Oscar Wilde-

woman sitting on a chair with a dog and heart balloon

Joy is so contagious that it goes without saying anything else. The boy says goodbye to his special friend, it looks like it’s going to rain. The trees begin to react to the storms that are growing stronger and make leaves fall even more.

While falling, panic begins to take hold of the people who are there, although many of them like the damp smell before a rain shower. They now dream of taking refuge at home with a cup of hot milk looking through the window to watch the rain fall.

They are ordinary stories and people, but never underestimate them because many of them bring meaning back to life, even though it isn’t reflected forever. Therein lies its charm.


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