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Camila Thomas


A degree in Art History. She has specialized in writing, editing, and creating content on topics related to her specialized area. She has been assistant professor at the Central University of Venezuela and has participated in various national and international conferences. Her lines of research focus on the variety of modern and contemporary art.

About the author

Graduated in Art History, Art Criticism and Conservation of Artistic Heritage at the Central University of Venezuela (2021). During the years 2017 and 2018, she worked as a professor's assistant in Plastic Arts I and II in this university. She has participated in various student research meetings and national and international conferences. Among these are the Meeting of Young Critics at the Andrés Bello Catholic University, the Latin American Student Forum of Anthropology and Archeology, and the International Congress of History sponsored by the National Center of History of Venezuela. She is currently a workshop facilitator at the National Art Gallery in Caracas, Venezuela. Her main lines of research are the presence of the racialized subject in 19th-century painting and diversity in modern and contemporary art. She also works as a writer and creator of content related to art and history in general.

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