The Fast and The Furious - Seven Life Lessons

The Fast and The Furious is an American movie saga centered on illegal street racing and theft.
The Fast and The Furious - Seven Life Lessons
Sergio De Dios González

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Sergio De Dios González.

Written by Camila Thomas

Last update: 05 September, 2023

The Fast and the Furious movie saga is one of the best examples of action movies, no doubt. Certain movies capture your attention and heart alike. A good movie saga is one that you can watch again and again and never get tired of it.

People tend to identify with the characters and, of course, are highly excited by its action. However, The Fast and the Furious is much more than a movie saga about car racing.

Life lessons from The Fast and the Furious

1. The Fast and The Furious family, a team

Perhaps you’ve noticed how the concept of family consolidates throughout the movie industry. Regardless of where in the world its members might be, a family is always united. Thus, The Fast and the Furious family will meet at full speed whenever there’s an emergency.

Families always know when it’s time to celebrate. At the same time, they also know when it’s time to make an effort and do some extra work so that the ties that bind them remain strong. In the first movie, you can repeatedly see the family sitting around a table, having lunch. The same scene repeats six movies later. The difference is that there are new members, while others are no longer there because, after all, families are ever-changing. The part that doesn’t change is their sense of belonging.

2. Have a goal

Even though each family member has their own specific goals, everyone also has a common goal. And that is to stay strong, united, and in sync with one another. In these movies, the goals aren’t to deviate and to stand firm with your own convictions, even in the most difficult situations.

Dom, for example, organizes his life and goals as milestones. This means there are more modest goals within each larger goal that bring him closer to it. Thus, it’s important to have a purpose and know how to achieve it in your daily life. You need hierarchically important cross-cutting goals that’ll keep you from getting lost while you focus on the larger picture. For instance, you may want to get a promotion at work without forgetting that you also want to be a good person.

3. Leave the past behind

Several characters in this saga remind you time and again of one of the best lessons in life. The past is past for The Fast and the Furious characters, and you can’t change it, only accept it. All you can do is integrate it into your history and move on.

Regardless of the decisions you’ve made in the past, the future is what holds the main part of your motivation. It’s a positive impulse that keeps you in the present so you won’t compromise it by allowing anxiety to get the best of you.

Two of the Fast and Furious characters on a car.

4. Learn to be a leader and a teammate

One of the most incredible qualities of this saga is that each of the characters has the potential to lead. At the same time, everyone in The Fast and the Furious knows when to be a part of the team and let someone else take over the lead. Usually, this role falls on Dom, as he seems to be a born leader.

However, everyone in the family trusts their instincts and their ability to make decisions. Likewise, Dom isn’t afraid to delegate and let other people take charge. He fully trusts his family and believes they’re capable of making important decisions. In this sense, a good leader always knows the strengths and weaknesses of his team members. Thus, he assigns tasks according to everyone’s specific abilities.

5. The Fast and the Furious – follow your heart

Following one’s hearts is one of the ideas present in several films these days. It means being unafraid to love and express said love. Your family will never know that you value them if you don’t show it to them. These demonstrations of affection are what’ll keep your family together.

Thus, police officer Brian lets Dom go because he knows his motives. In the long term, this is precisely why Dom’s family easily accepts Brian as one of theirs. As you can see, this is when the real fraternity begins in The Fast and the Furious.

6. Be passionate

Like many others, Brian could’ve been an ordinary cop in uniform. However, Brian decided to follow his passion in addition to his job as a police officer. And thanks to his love for cars and racing, along with his interest in doing honest and quality work, Brian becomes an FBI agent assigned to a covert mission.

7. A win is a win

Finally, it’s clear throughout the movie that Brian and Dom were always in competition with each other, and it translated into a desire to win. Thus, in the first The Fast and the Furious movie, Brian tells Dom he almost won after losing. This is when Dom says one of the wisest lines in the saga:

“Ask any racer, any real racer. It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning’s winning.”

-Dominic Toretto, The Fast and the Furious

As you can see, every success that’s achieved with honesty deserves recognition. This is something people tend to forget. They quickly turn away from their achievements and focus on their mistakes, which affects their mood.

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