Asking for Help Is Not Synonymous with Weakness

Asking for Help Is Not Synonymous with Weakness

Last update: 12 December, 2016

Asking for help is not synonymous with weakness or vulnerability. In fact, asking for help is an act of courage. In dong so we accept our limitations and recognize the role that others represent in our growth.

In this sense we can say that asking for help is an act of humility and courage because through the request for support we recognize the value of other people and fight against the usual pressure towards being self-sufficient.

Man is designed for cooperation and relationship with his environment in support of the collective development.


Trust, a cornerstone

When we ask for help we are also giving a vote of confidence to others. With this simple act we strengthen our ties. We are honest and consider those around us when we believe they can do something for us.

We tend to think of the request for socio-emotional support as a double-edged sword that will help others take advantage of us or harm our independence by seriously threatening our ability to do things for ourselves.

It’s often negative experiences (a combination of disappointment and expectations), that make us think this way and make us reluctant to ask for help and to show our needs to others.

We are not wrong, but the truth is that we cannot live distrusting that “a pot is going to fall on our head while we walk down the street.” By this we convey the idea that the barriers we impose on ourselves are useful when the situation requires us to shield ourselves, not afterwards.


Asking for help is also a good way to start interacting with someone, in addition to an indispensable basic social skill. When others are able to help us, it also makes them feel good. Thus, far from selfishness, helping others is a way to contemplate the beauty of human relationships and bonds established around our actions.

Therefore, leave behind the need for pride and feeling infallible. Shame does not make sense at certain times.


Moreover, the fear of the negative is one of the most significant factors. It causes us to dread the possibility of being judged and seen as weak. To ask others for help, we need a sense of trust and the feeling of comfort around others. If we do not work on these two pillars, the exchanges will not flow as they should.

When we ask for help we all win because it is as enriching to ask as it is to give. Because helping is wonderful, but allowing us to be helped isn’t any less wonderful. It’s worth a try.

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