The Traps of Prejudice

The Traps of Prejudice

Last update: 17 September, 2016

Prejudice is a previously held opinion that we have of something. An image that is not always positive and which conditions us to see that thing or person in a certain way.

Usually, from a very young age, we gather certain prejudices of which we’re not even aware at times. For example, “all men are the same” or “blondes are dumb”. You might be doubting whether you actually hold any prejudices, but when you speak and interact with others, they probably come out without you being aware of it.

Free yourself of prejudice!

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Freeing yourself of prejudice is not an easy task, since this is internalized and we’re constantly exposed to it. It’s a very tough fight to win. But, of course, nothing is impossible.

One thing we should be very clear on is that prejudice limits us. It keeps us from opening our minds completely, keeps us from being true free thinkers.

As the very definition of “prejudice” says, it’s based on presumption and the prejudgment of something you actually don’t know! It’s something terribly absurd. The truth is that possessing and maintaining prejudice within our minds has two different meanings:

  • Assuming something is true without the proper motive or grounds to back it up.
  • Making and presupposing judgments of value in a negative way.

The same thing happens when we judge a person before really getting to know them. Have you ever been surprised to discover that someone wasn’t really how you thought they were? That’s what happens with prejudice. It’s not good to assume the worst of someone. This fills us with negativity.

Despite knowing all of this and observing how ridiculous it can be, it is still very hard to get rid of certain forms of prejudice that have found their way into our minds.

Break down the traps


As we mentioned before, it’s difficult, but not impossible, to put an end to your prejudice, or at least try to keep it at bay. We need to follow certain guidelines in order to break down the traps of prejudice.

Because prejudice is deceiving. It makes us see an incorrect form of reality. It makes us believe that what we are assuming is true. These guidelines will help you stop and think before you make a snap judgement about something or someone. Enough prejudice!

  • Take your time. If you don’t know someone well, what good does it do to judge them before getting to know them? Give yourself some time before you think something negative. Your prejudices will start breaking down around you.
  • Always be sincere. Maybe your closest friends or family members made you look at someone in a certain way, making you establish a set prejudices about that person. If there is something that’s eating you up inside, ask that person what you’re doubting. Be honest! Never assume anything.
  • You must be clear and seek out clarity. People may want to fog your view of others, for their own benefit. Therefore, seek out clarity, seek your own perception. Don’t let yourself be dragged along by others’ opinions. Keeping an open mind is key!
  • Always be on the look out. Keep the golden rule in mind. Never treat others in a way that you would not like to be treated. This is a very important phrase and which will help you fight against prejudice.
  • Equality exists. No one is exactly the same in the way they dress, act or behave. Don’t be other people’s judge. We’re different! Accept this and stop judging people.

Have you ever identified with prejudice? Have you ever tried to rid yourself of it? We are conditioned and that is something we should face and accept. But knowing the prejudices we make will help us understand and offset them.

Nobody deserves to be prejudged. You surely wouldn’t like for someone to do that to you. So use your willpower and fight against the injustice of prejudice. It’s time to get rid of it for good.

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