7 Truths About Life We Continually Forget

7 Truths About Life We Continually Forget

Last update: 28 July, 2022

It is really surprising how easy it is for us to forget the most important truths about life. Over time we ignore them and we do not give them the value they deserve because we fall back into old habits. It is as if gravity attracted us to them, to our “comfort place” where we find the vices that we have engaged in for years.

That is why today we wanted to share with you some truths about life which we should always remember. They are truths that, with their nuances, are virtually universal.

Be humble to admit your mistakes, intelligent to learn from them and mature to correct them

Truths about life that come and go

Why is it necessary to recall these truths again and again? Because it will help us focus on our goals, to achieve our goals, to believe in ourselves and grow. They are our real impetus to achieve anything we want.

Also, remembering these truths about life will help us to achieve a greater emotional balance. The well-being we will experience once we have achieved this balance will make us feel very pleased with ourselves.

1. You do not need an apology to forgive

Why do we always need an apology to later forgive? Because sometimes people hurt us so much that it is impossible to forget. This leads to resentment that transforms us into bitter and sad individuals. Without realizing it, we will also find ourselves feeding resentment, anger and hatred.


Why is it so difficult to forgive? Because our pride prevents us from forgetting and and leaves behind the negative experiences caused by others. We believe that to forgive means to humble ourselves before the other and we do not realize that this is a very liberating act of love.

Turning the page will help you leave behind the heavy load of negative emotions that you do not need. Even without an apology, forgive and begin to transform, again, all those negative emotions into positive ones.

2. You’re living the life you’ve created

Do you think you lack luck? Do you suspect that the world is against you? Far from what you may believe, your life is a result of your own choices and only you can change it. What are you waiting for?

There are many people who believe that fate has played a trick and that’s why they’ve experienced negativity and bad times. They are not aware that they have created this, but they can also choose to modify it.

Take charge, do not settle or look back. There is no bad luck. There is a fear of taking risks and making decisions. Even if you think there is no way out, there is! Begin to take risks. You’ll see that everything will be better.

3. Life is unfair, accept it

Life is unfair and, unfortunately, it is not in our hands to change this. We are always thinking and hoping that everything will happen otherwise. We can’t reject situations simply because we do not like them.

We always focus on the bad things, such as divorce, heartbreak, an accident. This seems to dampen the positive experiences that we do enjoy and are certainly much more abundant.

We need to accept life as it is, with its good and bad aspects. Everything has its good side, even if it’s difficult to see. Think of a heartbreak which, far from being an unpleasant situation, can be an opportunity for new experiences.

4. Live in the moment, it is all you have

The present is what matters, but there are many people living in the past or thinking too much about their future. You only have  this moment, the here and now, and if you do not take advantage sooner or later you might regret it.

There is no need to live on the edge every day, because in our hands there are responsibilities that we cannot ignore. Assessing everything we have now and making the most of the people who are around us makes us feel much happier.

If the past sneaks up on you, free yourself from it, learn from everything that is chasing you, and then let it go. If, however, your future is the big problem remember this old saying: “try not to leave for tomorrow what you can do today.”

5. Being busy is not the same as being productive

Sometimes we confuse being busy with being productive and we do not realize that if we were more productive we’d have more time for ourselves. When we take better advantage of the hours we work, we are much less busy.


If we are not productive, stress and anxiety begin to invade us. Also, we postpone situations that we would like to enjoy, such as a dinner with those friends you do not see as much as you’d like.

Organizing ourselves better and introducing some techniques for our work and time to be more profitable, helps us to feel better and have more time to dedicate to ourselves and to the people we love most.

6. Great successes are preceded by failures

When we start walking we stumble a thousand times, but the end result is successful: we walk. The same is true in all aspects of our existence. Failures are necessary for us to reach the goal. Deep down, they are the ones that give value to what has been achieved.

The big problem arises in our mind when we consider each failure to be an error we should solve as soon as possible. The shame of this causes us to block ourselves and we do not continue with what we wanted to achieve.

Observe each of your failures as an opportunity to move forward with all your goals. Failures are not your enemies, they are your partners and leaning on them rather than fearing them will help you.

7. You are a reflection of the people around you

The people with whom we interact influence our decisions, how we act or how we see others. Imagine if you surround yourself with toxic people. Do you think you won’t end up becoming one of them?


You may not become a toxic person, but perhaps you will suffer the consequences of being near them. You will no longer smile, you’ll become a sad person, you’ll feel guilty for circumstances that do not concern you…

In short, the people with whom we interact can influence us positively or negatively. But we can choose who is by our side, and, if we cannot, it is in our hands whether or not we will allow it to affect us.

I did not change, I just learned, and learning is not changing, it’s growing

These are some truths about life that can help us every day. Repeating them or remembering them, as if they were a mantra, can be very beneficial.

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