7 Traits of Optimistic People

February 14, 2020

Optimistic people generate well-being for themselves and for those around them. They are able to look on the bright side instead of getting stuck in negativity.  Optimistic people choose this way of looking at the world and they use it to frame their lives. Though there are some personality traits that favor optimism, being optimistic has more to do with reflection and practice. Today we will look at traits of optimistic people…

Consciously or subconsciously, all of us view life through the perspective of our choosing. The one we choose depends largely on personal experiences, as well as personality and relational traits. Sometimes it all depends on habit or lack of reflection. After all, it’s easier to imitate and repeat than build your own personal views.

“Life has a dark side and a light side. We must choose the one that pleases us the most.”

Samuel Smiles

Being an optimist doesn’t require life to be a bed of roses, or that you had an amazing childhood or that your life is already wonderful. Salvaging the best of yourself, of others, and from each situation is a choice. An optimist isn’t an uninformed pessimist, but someone who chooses to emphasize the positive.

Faced with everyday life, it’s easy to be a pessimist. No one can completely avoid pain or frustration. Complaining helps to justify inaction and conformity. Optimists, on the other hand, take on the challenge of doing, growing, and improving. Next, we will talk about some traits that many optimists share.

One of the traits of optimistic people – they fight for what they want

The simple act of working to achieve a goal will make anyone feel alive. In contrast, those who haven’t fulfilled their dreams or desires tend to see life through a negative lens. If there is something that defines an optimist, it is the ability to set goals and fight for them.

traits of optimistic people woman

Optimists are also realists. They don’t set goals for themselves that are impossible or beyond their capabilities. It’s not true that if you set your mind to it, you can achieve absolutely anything. If your goal is unreachable it will only end in frustration. One thing is to set high goals, setting impossible goals is a different story.

Where others see failure, they see learning opportunities

To an optimist, nothing is a “failure”. Optimists know that mistakes, errors, impossible challenges and unachieved goals exist. But they wouldn’t call any of these outright failures. That’s exactly what makes them optimists. The ability to look for the positive, to see the bright side of life.

No great human accomplishments were ever achieved without difficulty and error. Mistakes that were corrected, holes that were filled, and failures that were overcome make up the foundation of great accomplishments. In every mistake there lies a lesson. And in each lesson, there is an opportunity for growth. Optimists know that failure is only when you stop trying.

They are honest with themselves

Being honest with yourself means setting aside justifications and excuses. This attitude requires courage because it means that you won’t try to hide from the truth. It means standing face to face with life and being sincere with yourself.

traits of optimistic people man

Optimistic people are not afraid to admit when they are wrong. On the contrary, they openly recognize their errors. They avoid blaming others for their mistakes and they are confident enough in themselves to accept that they aren’t always right. This attitude makes them stronger because they know that recognizing their mistakes is a step closer to being better.

They never compare themselves with others

Systematically comparing yourself with others only serves to distort your thoughts and poison your heart. We are incomparable. There is no way of measuring who is better or worse in human terms. A prisoner might have a better heart than a business manager, but a worse ability to achieve his or her goals. There is no measurement for this.

The foundation of genuine optimism is understanding this reality. No one is better or worse than anyone else. Any comparison among humans is arbitrary. People who constantly measure themselves against everyone else do it because they lack autonomy and independent judgment. Each person knows if they are living how they want and should live. Others can agree or not, but at the end of the day, their opinion doesn’t count.

Self-motivated: one of the traits of optimistic people

Motivation means to “set yourself in motion” in spite of any obstacles. It means pushing yourself to keep moving forward for a particular purpose or goal. Optimistic people know that the strength to keep fighting comes from the inside. This derives from the fact that they don’t do things because of the approval or disapproval of others, but for their own convictions. 

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A person is self-motivated when they find and nourish the reasons behind what they do.  Conviction provides strength to continue. Knowing that your reasons for chasing your dreams are valid makes it possible to move forward without placing too much importance on problems you encounter. An optimist, then, is someone who believes in what they do. 

They accept other people exactly as they are

We treat other people similarly to how we treat ourselves. When someone accepts themselves, it’s easier to accept others. On the contrary, if someone is struggling to value himself or feel any self-love, what usually happens is that they project that internal conflict onto others. That’s when others become a target for constant criticism.

Being optimistic requires you to have a positive self-image. It doesn’t mean you should be egotistical, but be aware of your own value. That’s why it is easier for optimistic people to accept and value others. They know that all human beings are participants in the same history. they know that every person has their place and their purpose in this shared adventure. Nor do they forget that solidarity helps to be more confident in the present.

They cultivate themselves

No one can be a true optimist if they don’t work on themselves. This means knowing yourself, forgiving yourself for your mistakes and errors, and assigning proper value to your achievements. You are your own project. Working on this project and feeling proud of your progress translates to optimism in life.