7 Quotes by Suzanne Powell about Wisdom and Love that Will Inspire you

7 Quotes by Suzanne Powell about Wisdom and Love that Will Inspire you
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 15 November, 2021

Suzanne Powell’s quotes are encouragement for our personal growth and our spirituality. They call us towards greater responsibility and awareness. This expert in the field of self-help and Zen philosophy transmits through her words a wonderful life pulse to “reset” ourselves with.

We all know that at present, if there is anything that abounds in this field – that of spiritual awakening and self-help – it is the gurus. We could say that Suzanne Powell breathes a new breath into the field. She gives us appropriate roots from which to learn, grow, assume appropriate strategies with which to better manage our reality and expand from the inside out.

This Irish woman living in Madrid is trained in alternative therapies. She dedicates her life to training and teaching through courses and presentations in order to promote a real change in the human being, an awakening. Thus, and through books such as “El reset colectivo” (“The Collective Reset”), she gives shape to what she calls a new ethical culture. This is where each individual is able to receive and in turn expand unconditional love. They can promote respect and lead a world to be more connected emotionally and spiritually.

The messages contained in each of Suzanne Powell’s quotes invite us to do this. These small brushstrokes that we add below are an exceptional example.


1. Suzanne Powell quotes about love

“Love each other. There’s no time, there’s no time left. “
-Suzanne Powell-

2. Learning to forgive

“Forgive, forget and accept”.
-Suzanne Powell-

3. Connect to discover: self-knowledge

“It is so important to connect with ourselves to know who we are, to discover the relationship we have with what surrounds us and where we are going. Enough with accumulating titles and diplomas, first you must discover what you have inside “.
-Suzanne Powell-

woman chained

4. What is Zen, really?

“…all you need are the resources which are necessary to maintain your inner peace, calm, and harmony in whatever the circumstance. This is the art of Zen“.
-Suzanne Powell-

5. Be patient, be optimistic

Everything is cyclical and we must be aware of the changes, always on the crest of the wave to see the complete perspective, everything that is happening, which detachment and mutual support. It is merely a case of being patient, since time heals everything and puts everything in its place“.

-Suzanne Powell-

We are in a world of haste where immediacy devours everything. Where we can often have the same tolerance for frustration as a 5-year-old child. Here, learning to be patient is as important as breathing.

This is without a doubt one of Suzanne Powell’s most interesting quotes, where we are invited not only to know how to accept certain situations – which sometimes place us in a crossroads surrounded by uncertainty. In addition, we must know how to tolerate those moments with optimism and confidence.


6. Be the best example to follow

“Do not judge anyone so as not to be judged, do not harm so as not to be harmed. Be the example others can follow”.
-Suzanne Powell-

7. Take advantage of the here and now

“Enjoy the present, be yourself at every moment and with all consequences”.
-Suzanne Powell-


To conclude, we are sure that these small brushstrokes of wisdom have made us all think. However, it is not enough just to reflect, to empathize with this series of ideas. Let’s act, let’s try to apply each of these guidelines in a real, felt and vivid way to create a much more intimate, loving and generous reality.

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