7 Keys to Stop Worrying too much

7 Keys to Stop Worrying too much

Last update: 13 July, 2018

Some people have the habit of worrying too much about things. This is popularly known as extreme anxiety. It means thinking constantly, losing ability to function and filling oneself with anguish. In other words, thinking too much, doing little, feeling bad about oneself and not breaking away from it.

This occurs when we are full of insecurities or are overwhelmed by our fears. Having so much anxiety means that we have some doubts and that, if it so, is not bad. What is negative is to make those doubts and inaction a way of life.

“Good or bad does not exist, but human thoughts make it so.”

-William Shakespeare-

Hardly anyone could draw an effective conclusion if they worry too much. At most, you will become overwhelmed with worry and fear intensifies with action. Ultimately, you will not be able to achieve your goals: an accurate, perfect and risk-free result. That’s why, it is not worth it. These are some tips to avoid it.

1. Set deadlines for making decisions

If we give ourselves all the time in the world to make a decision and we are one of those people who are prone to worrying too much, the surest way is not to do anything. Probably, it would cost us much if we give up some things to earn others. And that is what is involved in all decisions.

Worrying too much: Make deadlines

The best way to avoid this is setting a deadline to what we are dealing with. It would be wise if you do not take much time, although the decision is complicated. At the end of the day though, the majority of the decisions would not be made for more than one hour.

2. Do not postpone the things that you need to do

When you postpone what you need to do, you only begin to get carried away with the situation. If it is already clear that you have to do something, there is no reason to wait for another time. Do it, even if you have had obstacles or even if you have to overcome resistance.

The problem is that the pending actions will only result in worrying too much. You need to make a plan and draw your course of action. That will take away your precious time that you could devote to something much more productive.

3. Give a time line to things

Sometimes we think a lot about the things that are petty. Little situations or decisions that do not have great importance. How is it possible that we have the tendency to overthink everything. We end up transforming these petty things into something more important than they are.

Worrying too much: Give time horizon

A good technique is to analyze the important things to do for a week, for a month or for a year. What consequences will occur in case of any failure to meet the timelines. If it does not affect anything in the short and long run, do not bother to think about it too much.

4.  End on time

There are circumstances that do not favor rational thinking. For example, when we are tired, we become slow in reasoning, and also we tend to be more irritable. That is why, we easily fall into episodes of negative thoughts.

What will likely occur when we have not eaten, are emotional, or in a sad or negative mood? In these cases, do not allow yourself to think. Simply say “not now”. Wait for a better time to do it.

5. Do not entertain vague fears

There is nothing more difficult than feeling fearful. Various fears are looming there because we live in a half-paranoid society  and it is why uncertainty is constant in life, though we take all kinds of actions to avoid it.

Worrying too much: Do not entertain vague fears

When we experience that kind of latent fear, it will prove very important to make the exercise of specifying what it is. Exactly, what do we fear? Most probably, that reasoning is leading us to see that in reality, there is no reason to feel that way.

6. Release control and let worrying too much in

We have to admit that nothing exists in life that does not imply any risk. When someone doubts constantly and begins to worry too much about everything, surely, we want to, essentially, have control over what is uncontrollable.

In one way or the other, each of our actions is a little leap in the dark. If we look for eliminating the risk, we only begin to embark on a neurotic cycle of inaction. Even inaction contemplates risks. So it is better to let loose and let things happen as they have to happen.

7. Sleep well, sleep well, sleep well

A great part of our physical life functions well because of sleep. Proper sleep provides us with a fundamental base to maintain a good physical and mental health. Lack of sleep will create negative consequences. Among them, lack of sleep makes our thoughts confused and our minds wander.

Worrying too much: Sleep well

That is why the motto should be to sleep always. Sleep is one of those activities (because it is an activity) that we must jealously guard. Do not allow anything that will change it, much less the ritual of overthinking.

All of these tips are guidelines that once converted into habits would be a great help to you. Worrying too much does not get you anywhere. It is one of those habits that are there only to hamper everything and stop us from leading a healthy life.



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