7 Habits That Make You Less Attractive

7 Habits That Make You Less Attractive

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Some people adopt new habits because they think it will make them more interesting, when really they just make them less attractive. There are various habits that make you less attractive. The funny thing is, many people forget one important fact when they try to look more attractive: what’s inside is reflected on the outside. Regardless of how we look on the outside, our personality will always shine through. If we are not attractive, it is because we lack authenticity.

On the other hand, when we think about being attractive, we only think of our external appearance. As if that is determines our capacity to attract others. We ignore our behavior, which has a big impact on how we appear to others. Once more, being authentic is more interesting, because it shows who we really are and doesn’t create false expectations.

Furthermore, we have to keep in mind that attraction is a manifestation of our personal energy and affects all of our relationships. We can attract optimistic and positive people or pessimistic ones. It all depends on what is inside of us.

Bad habits that make you less attractive

There is no question that people like beauty. Because of this, we like to be surrounded by attractive people. Some people see going out with beautiful person as a status symbol. However, beauty is not just physical.

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You can be the most beautiful person in the room and still repel others. When it comes to internal beauty, these habits can prevent you from being attractive.

  • You turn everything into a competition. Of course it is good to be competitive sometimes, but always trying to be the best at everything isn’t necessary. In fact, it can be annoying or rude. No one wants to be with someone who constantly looks for recognition at the expense of others.
  • You are rude. Obviously people do not like someone who is rude. However, many of us think our rudeness makes us stand out and don’t see a problem. In reality, no one likes someone who is disrespectful and willing to do anything to be noticed.
  • You constantly act superior. Someone who looks down their nose at everyone and acts superior is not very attractive. Unfortunately, like with rude behavior, many people think this is way to make themselves stand out. Nevertheless, no one likes to be with someone who sees everyone else as inferior.
  • You constantly complain. Many people think complaining and protesting will attract more attention and give them a chance to show off. Really, the opposite is true. People don’t like to be in negative environments, so they will try to avoid someone who constantly complains or is negative.
  • You interrupt others. Interrupting someone shows a clear lack of respect. However, there are people who think interrupting others is a good way to announce their presence or show how much they know about a subject. Really, even if you do know more about a subject, interrupting others will not make you seem educated.
  • You don’t listen when someone is talking. Communication is one of the most essential aspects of a relationship. Not listening shows a lack of respect, whether you are talking one on one or with a group. What is even worse is looking someone in the eyes while they are speaking but not listening.
  • You create conflict for no reason. Some people like to provoke conflict in order to draw attention to themselves. They may take advantage of small misunderstandings or look for reasons to start conflict. In this way, they get others’ attention and think they have an opportunity to show how attractive they are. However, they are probably only triggering feelings of contempt from others, and it will bring out the worst in everyone.

How to really seem attractive

In order to leave behind these bad habits, it is important to focus on authenticity. Avoid attitudes and behaviors that increase drama. You don’t have to make yourself look important or interesting through negative attitudes. Avoid this at all costs. 

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The more you try to get noticed, the more obvious you will be and the less you will be able to control your situation. Speak less and listen more, be interested in others and show generosity and empathy. That way, you’ll be much more interesting


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