7 Amazing Quotes for Reflection

7 Amazing Quotes for Reflection

Last update: 05 March, 2016

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but words are priceless all on their own.

There are words that go straight to the heart like darts. They excite us, they transport us to the past, to help us see the future, and they return to us lost hope. Today, we bring you 7 amazing quotes for reflection. Are you ready?

“The people who work well in this world are the people who, when they wake up in the morning, look for circumstances they like, and if they don’t find them, they invent them.”
-George Bernard Shaw-

If each day we were to wake up with our ideas clear in our minds, and with the purpose that we are the ones who manage and direct our own circumstances, we would end each day feeling a little better about how things turned out.

If the circumstances aren’t ideal, we must rebuild and reinvent them. We ourselves must go and seek out the opportunities. 

woman and child on beach paper boat reflection

“As human beings, we believe what we want to believe, in what we like believing, in what supports our opinions, and in what ignites our passions.”
-Sydney J. Harris-

It is true that each one of us lives in our own world, and that we believe reality in our own way. We each have our own beliefs and our own opinions. Without a doubt, this makes us all feel unique and different.

It is impossible to live conforming to the beliefs of others at all times and at the same time being coherent with our own thoughts and actions.

Lay this out for others in an honest and clear way. We must show our point of view while at the same time respecting theirs. Internally, we can distance ourselves from that which we find contradictory.

“The secret of humanity is in the bond between people and events. People cause events, and events form people.”
-Ralph W. Emerson-

Undoubtedly, our relationship with others and the world around us conditions our lives.

Our best moments, our worst moments, our once-in-a-lifetime moments are lived with other people. From those moments are born unbreakable bonds, and sometimes they are weakened to make room for new ones.

As human beings, we are all here to complement each other, and accompany each other through the good as well as the bad. This is life: a relationship of relationships.

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“You persevered in your determination. That is what brought you good luck, said the piano teacher to the little girl when she gave her the green bow of good luck. From then on, whenever she played the piano, the little girl always wore the green bow because it reminded her that it was her own effort that brought her good luck.”
-Elizabeth Koda-Callan-

This statement is clearly a passionate defense of effort.

Being consistent, patient, and never giving up our resolve and dedication builds the strength to be able to continue on towards our dreams.

Although many times we can get irritated and we think that someone else has been more successful than us with only half the effort, we should never stop believing in it. Behind great people is great effort. 

“The pain, as strong as it may be, eases if one knows that with time, it will be healed. The worst calamity is tolerable if one believes that it will pass. The most horrible anguish is relieved as soon as peace comes into view.”
-Bruno Bettelheim-

We could not live if, when faced with a painful situation, we were not able to see that it would pass and that time would heal all wounds.

Bad moments are just that: they are moments. That is the thought that we must keep in our minds when we are going through difficult times.

For a reason people say when a door closes, a window opens. Try to be positive, even when faced with bad moments. This attitude profoundly helps.

“The longing to heal constitutes half of our health.”

The mind is powerful…

When we get sick, the mere fact that we think we will get better helps us improve tremendously. This is also proved inversely: pessimists often take more time to get better than optimists.

Train your mind and turn it into your ally.

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“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

This is another wise saying about the value of positivity in our lives.

Of what value is it, really, to regret or complain? It only makes us feel worse about ourselves.

If we constantly complain and blame ourselves, we will find ourselves focusing on the negative. Why not look for the positive in a given situation, or the lesson we could learn from it? 

Although it may be complicated, we are capable of seeing anything in a different light if we work at it and engage our emotional intelligence.

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