6 Tips to Start Your Day Off Right

6 Tips to Start Your Day Off Right

Last update: 28 July, 2022

There are moments in life where everything seems to flow. When we feel like life is good and it is easy to get carried away. We do not consider what is happening to us because we are satisfied with our lives and we feel comfortable with ourselves. At such times, we can easily get out of bed in the morning and face the day.

On the other hand, life sometimes presents us with bad times. The darkest periods which require an extra effort and can even make it difficult for us to complete the smallest actions.

These moments can be caused by the death of a loved one, a breakup, discomfort at work, economic pressures or problems with our children.

The reason or the gravity of what is happening does not matter. No one has the ability to judge how serious a problem is for us. There are times when small turns in life hit us harder, and we must learn to respect them.

But it is important how a person faces their own problems. And the best way to deal with it is to get out of bed and start the day.

Tips for a successful day

  1. Have a delicious breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, without a doubt. But also, if we prepare something delicious, breakfast can be a great motivator for us to get out of bed happy.
  2. Read a book and leave the news for afterwards. People usually start the day reading the newspaper, which often causes stress. Instead, books tend to stimulate the brain and are good for the soul.
  3. Meditate. Sit on a cushion with your legs crossed and hands resting on your knees, trying to keep the spine straight, and clear your mind. If this is difficult for you, concentrate on your breathing, in small vibrations, making your nose take in and release air. Not much time is needed. With ten minutes a day you will notice the difference.
  4. Exercise. It is proven that it is better to sleep a little less, and go for a walk, run or do gymnastics at home. Exercise causes our body to produce endorphins, hormones that stimulate the brain’s pleasure centers. In addition, exercise relaxes our muscles and our minds and makes us to sleep better and deeper.
  5. Get dressed well. While the important thing is what’s inside us, our exterior is a reflection of it. We will not feel the same if we are poorly dressed and unkempt, than if we feel confident in our appearance.
  6. Trust. Believe in your capacity to solve the problems they arise during the day. Look in the mirror, smile at  yourself, accept your fears and reaffirm your abilities. Little by little you will feel more secure and will take control of your situation.

Most people start their day without full awareness of their body and their mind and they create habits that make them go through life almost on autopilot. Therefore it is very important to take a few moments before starting the daily grind to focus on ourselves and on our thoughts.

We must never forget that we choose our thoughts, and they then mark our behavior. Every choice we make determines how we feel physically, mentally and emotionally.

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This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.