6 Things That are Better Kept Secret According to Hinduism

6 Things That are Better Kept Secret According to Hinduism
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 15 November, 2021

Hinduism says that sometimes, silence is the best ally. There are things that are better kept secret. Your hopes, goals, and achievements can remain private.

Something that is often said about Hindu philosophy is that it’s a direct invitation to rethink your existence. It invites you to reflect on it through another much broader and, at the same time, responsible lens. This Indian and Nepalese religion’s ultimate goal is to guide the human being along the path of liberation. Your thoughts, emotions, actions, and words lead you to serenity, to a state of consciousness where everything is in harmony.

This spiritual current has various recommendations for finding that internal balance where well-being and calm lies. Hinduism is the essence of several doctrines that say what you should not do and what is best to avoid or restrict.

You should remeber that, within this philosophical framework, every action has an effect, a consequence. A good Hindu, for example, knows what their duties and responsibilities are. This is “Dharma“, where all material progress transcends spiritually. Dharma is the link that shapes true happiness in this life and in the next reincarnation. Therefore, it’s interesting to know what is best to keep secret, in order to have a sense of responsibility towards ourselves and others.

1. Don’t validate rumors, gossip or negative comments about third parties

If someone comes to you with a rumor, a disparaging comment about another person, or an offensive criticism about the behavior of others, it’s best to block it out. Be the wall where negativity and insult stop. It’s good to remember Socrates’ triple-filter test once again. That is, if the information you hear is neither good nor useful nor true, it’s appropriate not to validate it and keep silent.

2. Things to keep secret: your projects

If you have a dream, a goal, a personal project, be cautious. Don’t tell others before it’s time. Take your time and be cautious, don’t rush. Let your plans mature and close to becoming a reality.

Sometimes, when you communicate a desire or an objective, there are those who, far from sharing your dreams, share their skepticism. Or even worse, they criticize you. Be cautious and don’t hesitate to keep secret those personal summits that you dream of reaching someday.

3. Your emotional achievements, the moments when you’ve been your own hero

Only you know the battles you’ve won, the personal barricades that you have surpassed to prove to yourself that you could, that you deserved to triumph. Sometimes, a human being must overcome hurdles along the way that only they understand (disappointments, lies, abandonment, frustration…). Those things have shaped you. They left their mark and also brought out the best in you.

These victories, the most intimate ones, often belong to you and you alone. Because sometimes, when you say them out loud, they lose their meaning. They’re not understood or they’re interpreted in the wrong way, as if they were strokes of arrogance.

4. Your family intimacies

If there’s something that must undoubtedly be kept secret, it’s private home, family, and relationship matters. This intimate world belongs only to you; there are dynamics, legacies, situations, and bonds that shouldn’t be said out loud like blowing the seeds of a dandelion into the wind.

You can discuss certain things with others only when the situation requires it or if the ultimate goal is to receive help to improve the quality of those relationships. However, you should be prudent and choose the best person to reveal those intimacies to.


5. Your acts of kindness

Another aspect of your life that is best kept secret is your good deeds and noble acts. Kindness doesn’t need spectators, it doesn’t need to be written on billboards or displayed in neon lights. And acts of kindness aren’t less real when no one is watching.

Real kindness is that which isn’t seen, which is practiced discreetly on a daily basis, in great feats and in the most anonymous situations.


6. The things you don’t have

Some people are fixated on what they don’t have. They become obsessed with it, and they aren’t able to see just how rich and fortunate they really are with all the things they do have.

Avoid this, because another thing that is best kept secret is what you don’t have. If you don’t have the best cell phone, keep it quiet. You may be talking to someone who can’t even afford to have one. If you’re not in a relationship, if you don’t have the house of your dreams, if you can’t take a vacation this year, don’t complain about it. Don’t talk about them as if you’d be absolutely happy if you did have them.

Sometimes people complain about not having things that aren’t really necessary.

To conclude, as we have seen, Hindu wisdom gives people advice about things they’ve most likely thought about before. In reality, you should be prudent and respect others.

Let’s not forget that, as this inspiring religious framework indicates, every act has a consequence. Therefore, be a little more reflective and understand that silence is your best friend when it comes to dreams, goals, and thoughts.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.