6 Strategies to Harness the Power of Your Mind

6 Strategies to Harness the Power of Your Mind

Last update: 11 October, 2016

Some people worry about keeping their body in the best condition, without keeping in mind that their mental state is fundamental for the same purpose. This is counterproductive, since the mind is often the origin of failure in exercise routines or diets. The first thing you must do to harness the power of your mind is to keep in mind its existence.

It’s not about doing magic or using paranormal powers. It is simply following habits that help you control the functions of your mind, your behavior, your emotions and your thoughts. And how do you accomplish that? These are some of the habits that you can continue to keep a strong mind.

1. Direct your energy toward your purpose

If, while planning, an unexpected event arises that is not in your hands to solve, do not waste your energy on cursing what happened or those who provoked it. It’s better to prepare your mind to maintain a positive attitude. You can control your attitude and that cannot depend on anyone but yourself.

2. Control the reins of your emotions

If you are one of those people who complains of feeling angry, sad or upset because “someone” made you feel that way, you’re in trouble. A truly strong mind can not succumb to domination by others. A strong mind knows that it is able to control its own emotions and cannot be dominated by others.

3. Remember that you are not “gold coin”

Pleasing everyone is impossible. Perhaps most people will like you,  but having someone who is uncomfortable around you will be inevitable. But that’s not your problem. A strong mind can say no when it must, or talk to whomever it pleases, without having to try to appear friendly with one it is not compatible with.

4. Being flexible keeps your mind in good condition

Mental rigidity is for those who are full of prejudices. Welcome any changes that will not affect your integrity and that are positive for your life. After all, life has been an evolution since the very beginning. Understanding that changes are often unavoidable helps the mind to have good adaptability.

5. Enjoy your achievements and celebrate those of others

If you’ve had troubles in the past, stop “feeding” the memory of all your bad experiences and simply reflect on what makes you grow as a human being. A strong mind takes responsibility for its role in life and knows with certainty that life is not always hunky-dory. But above all, a strong mind knows that every experience, good or bad, has one or more life-lessons in it.

6. Take the good of the past and plan for the future

Once you are able to master your mind, and make it increasingly balanced, you will probably not be so easily stuck in the past anymore. Quite the opposite. Y ou know that the best way to take advantage of your time often has to do with planning for the future, with the knowledge of the risks and alternatives that involve your own decisions.

Mastering your mind is a choice only you can make. Dominate it and do not let someone else do it for you.

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