5G Networks: What Everyone Should Know

What are 5G networks and are they safe for our health? In this article, discover the answer!
5G Networks: What Everyone Should Know

Last update: 10 October, 2019

Several experts have drawn our attention to the new 5G networks, which are currently on the brink of worldwide implementation. Many researchers claim that this technology will cause serious health consequences and electromagnetic pollution.

For some time, people have been talking about 5G networks. They are, as the name suggests, fifth-generation networks. However, they hace some striking differences in comparison to previous generations. Many doctors and health professionals are warning about their possible health risks.

Technological advances are totally irreversible. Once an invention or discovery has been made, there’s no going back. And, even if we could, when the invention or technology implies a large financial investment, there’s no chance of turning back the clock. 5G networks won’t be the exception. They’re here to stay… until the next generation, of course.

“Pollution should never be the price of prosperity.”

-Al Gore-

However, many experts believe that 5G networks are highly polluting and can cause very adverse effects for humans and all ecosystems as a whole. They’re saying that there should at least be access to adequate and thorough information on the subject.

A city full of 5G networks.

What’s 5G technology?

5G technology allows wireless connections between all types of devices. It reaches high connection speeds that have never been achieved before and is able to deal with very high volumes of traffic.

In other words, 5G networks work at full speed, with a large number of devices connected simultaneously. This technology will also significantly expand the “Internet of Things” (IoT). It’ll allow you to control all types of remote devices with your cellphone.

So far, so good. The problem is that 5G networks will require a change in infrastructure. They require a massive installation of thousands of small antennas, whose sizes range from the diameter of a coin to the size of a frisbee. Because of that, they’ll be everywhere, running all the time and, according to some, generating a constant cloud of growing radiation.

One of the most problematic issues is that many of these antennas will have to be at ground level. There’ll probably be a distance of less than 300 feet between them, to ensure effective interconnection. In addition, according to current regulations, nobody will be able to know exactly where they’re located.

The effects of 5G networks on your health

There are still no definitive conclusions on the effects of electromagnetic waves on health. However, there are some major suspicions on the matter. For example, in 2011, the World Health Organization classified cell phone microwaves as category “2B”. This means “possibly carcinogenic“.

Likewise, several independent studies state that these waves produce generalized oxidative stress. This can cause multiple health conditions.

Dr. Magda Havas, professor of environmental sciences at the Universities of Toronto and Trent, said that there’s evidence that such waves can alter the functioning of cells.

There’s also the Mobi-Kids research, a study that was conducted with children and adolescents. Apparently, electromagnetism could be responsible for the increase in brain tumor cases in young people. However, the results still haven’t been published.

A person with 5G on their phone.

Reality or fiction?

Another disturbing aspect of 5G networks is that they have a high potential to exercise surveillance over people. Their stability, volume, and speed make it possible for them to conduct a detailed investigation of everything we do. They may even collect information about how many times we open the refrigerator or dry our hair.

Another striking fact is that the two main countries that have declared 5G networks to be a matter of state interest are China and the United States. There seems to be a bitter struggle over the control of this new technology.

As of today, those who defend the idea that these technologies are harmless haven’t been able to present any evidence to support that claim. On the other hand, official documents that warn about the possible damages of electromagnetic fields One of them was published by the European Academy of Environmental Medicine in 2016.

The most important thing of all is that we need to be widely informed on the subject. Those who are calling for a major debate on the issue are right. We all have the right to know whether 5G networks can or can’t harm us.

In the meantime, you should exercise caution regarding your children’s access to cellphones. For the sake of your children, you should cultivate healthy habits and make time to disconnect from technology and enjoy quality time with family and friends.

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