5 Things Children Never Forget About Their Parents

24 July, 2017

All parents want to have marvelous kids. They want their kids to be affable and for them to grow up and behave like responsible people. For them to be useful for society. However, a lot more effort is put into this idea of the future than into sowing the foundation during the present we walk upon. Some parents think that when their children are little, they should simply obey.

As a result, children are more and more likely to grow up to be unhappy adults. When the criteria for child-raising isn’t consistent, logical or stable, this increases the odds for children to show rebellious or hermetic behaviors. Maybe capricious, or even authoritarian and, in any case, unstable behavior. They can’t seem to establish a close and affectionate bond with their parents. On the contrary, they live in a constant open or silent war with them.

“The problem with learning to be parents is that the children are the teachers.”
-Robert Braul-