The 5 Levels of Sadness

The 5 Levels of Sadness

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Sometimes we find ourselves consumed by an indescribable sadness, silent, with our foreheads pressed against the window and our souls in our pockets. We don’t really know what causes it, but what we can say is that we can’t face those days with the same enthusiasm we usually have.

What causes situations like these? We’re not talking about depression, which something completely different. We’re referring to those days when the thermometer that gauges our mood falls to zero. The times when we wander off our routines and abandon our hopes.

“You can’t prevent the birds of sadness from flying around your head, but you can prevent them from making a nest in your hair.”

One thing remains clear: sadness is a message that we have to learn how to understand, but it isn’t permanent. However, these days we don’t allow ourselves to be sad. There’s no space for this emotion, which acts like a gutter for the brain. We’re almost obligated to ignore it and act like everything is fine, to win the Oscar for Best Actor of the Year by showing that we’re immune to disappointment, frustration, and discomfort.


Sadness always manifests as a loss of energy. We don’t arrive at the level of dejection and stillness that comes with depression; it’s lighter and subtler than that. We feel the need to retreat within, which comes with a feeling of apathy and indefinable tiredness.

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