5 Inspirational Quotes On Forgiveness

5 Inspirational Quotes On Forgiveness

Last update: 21 July, 2016

Not forgiving is not healthy. Distancing yourself from the pain and anger caused by an offense that someone made towards you is not easy, but you need to overcome it and forgive to move forward. Not forgiving and holding grudges builds up tension, causing stress and deteriorating relationships. And not only with the person who offended you, but also with other people.

In many cases, problems arise from minor issues, many of them stemming from communication problems. Other times the problem is more serious. In any case, whether the other person regrets it or not, forgiving is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Forgiveness is a liberating tool

Forgiveness is a powerful tool, but many people cannot understand how liberating it can be to forgive others. Forgiving takes away a burden and doesn’t leave you at the mercy of anger or the desire for revenge , which frees your mind and allows you to make thoughtful and clear decisions.

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Forgiving allows you to take control of the situation and, far from putting you in a position of weakness, puts you in a position of power: power over yourself.

Thoughts that will inspire you to forgive others

Nevertheless, sometimes we need a push in order to forgive. Resorting to the words of others can be very useful in times of difficulty.

What’s done is done

Do not dwell on what happened. What’s done is done. It cannot be fixed, and will not change as much as you may go around in circles. When something bad has been done, the only thing left is to forgive in order to move forward and amend what you can.

“Sins cannot be undone, just forgiven.”

-Ígor Stravinski-

Forgive to be forgiven

We cannot fall into the mistake of thinking that only we have to forgive others. We are not perfect, and sooner or later we will offend someone, do something wrong or, by default, we will cause pain to others. We cannot expect to be forgiven if we are not able to do the same for others.

“We must always forgive, remembering that we ourselves need forgiveness. We need to be forgiven   much more often than we need to forgive. “

-John Paul II-

You never know what will happen

In line with the quote above, this thought takes it a step further. It is no longer just a matter of forgiving to be forgiven, but rather to facilitate relationships with others, because you never know when you’re going to find them along your path or when you will need them.

“It is said in Hollywood that you should always forgive your enemies, because you never know when you will have to work with them.”

-Lana Turner-

Love and forgiveness go hand in hand

True love uses forgiveness as its flag. Relationships are not easy, regardless of their nature. And the closer they are, the more likely you’ll have to forgive something. If there is no forgiveness, the relationship is doomed. If you love, you forgive.

“He who is unable to forgive is incapable of love.”

-Martin Luther King-

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Forgiveness as self-love

Forgiving is an act of self-love. You’re the one who carries the pain of anger and thirst for revenge, with rancor and even remorse. But by forgiving the other person, all that disappears.

“We have to forgive those we believe have wronged us, not because they deserve it, but because we feel so much love for ourselves we do not want to continue paying for these injustices.”

-Miguel Ruiz-

Forgiving without forgetting is not forgiving, it’s letting it go

Many say, “I forgive, but I don’t forget.” That’s not forgiving, it’s letting it go to promote coexistence. But the essence of forgiveness is forgetting the offense. If you do not forget, sooner or later you will be attacked by the ghosts of resentment and distrust.

If you do not want to it to happen again, just make changes in that relationship or your life so that it does not happen again. But do not lock hatred and rancor in a jail when they do you wrong, because they are very elusive and can slip through the bars when you least expect it.


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