37 Phrases To Make You Feel

37 Phrases To Make You Feel

Last update: 16 January, 2016

Our emotions are made up of the subjective reactions that each one of us expresses. These reactions vary depending on the perception of each person. Because everyone’s personal experiences are different, each reaction can be influenced in a different way.

Our emotions function as an adaptive system for everything that surrounds us. They are states that we experience suddenly, in times of crisis or peace, and are more or less fleeting.

When a human being experiences an emotion, it normally involves a grouping of thoughts, behaviors and beliefs about the world, which help us put a value on a specific situation. This value is influenced by our perception of the situation.

There was a time when our emotions were not considered important, and the rational part of our minds was considered to be more relevant. But now we know that each one of our emotions serves as a personal map that helps us know how to behave, and also how to understand both ourselves and those around us.   

Our emotions allow us to distinguish our own motivations, desires and needs. They help us to sense the future behavior of someone, even though everything hasn’t yet been established.

Thanks to the role of psychology and other sciences related to the human psyche, little by little we are able to confirm that our emotions make up a complete treasure trove within our lives. They let us view the world in the way we have always wanted to view it: authentically.

Emotional intelligence is another facet that helps us decipher our own personal code and, therefore, understand one another. It also allows us to develop our hidden potential and learn how to share our lives in a healthier way with those we truly care about. It acts as an emotional dictionary.

Each day, we need to remember the importance of our emotions so that we are able to open our hearts and feel completely alive. To help you along, we’ve brought you the following quotes that have been copied from the “Poetic Action” movement. The goal of this movement is to write down sentimental phrases in distinct places all around the world to generate emotion.

This movement started in 1996 and now there are millions of people who continue it as a form of expression through street art. Here are 37 quotes taken from this movement that are sure to get your heart pounding:

  1. I love you! But it’s not that bad, it’s only forever.
  2. You aren’t worth the trouble, you’re worth everything.
  3. What if we hugged for no reason at all?
  4. Tell me where and we’ll get lost there together.
  5. Each time I feel less and remember more.
  6. How sweet it is of you, to just exist.
  7. This is the last time that I will love you, believe me.
  8. Holding your hand. Releasing the world.
  9. Going to bed early so that I may dream of you longer…
  10. I hear you in every song.
  11. You are lacking and I have more than enough.
  12. Your smile disarms me.
  13. I miss you like never before and, like always, I don’t have you.
  14. Your memory is the passport for my journeys.
  15. I adore everything that isn’t mine…you, for example.
  16. How I wear down walls remembering you.
  17. My fears move in closer when you move further away.
  18. We walk without searching, but know that we are walking to find each other.
  19. It’s whatever, but with you…
  20. Your skin belongs to the one who tantalizes it.
  21. I hope you will escape from “I miss you.”
  22. The memory stops being nostalgia so that it can be freeing.
  23. Because, without searching, I find you everywhere, especially when I close my eyes.
  24. The worst part about love is when it passes.
  25. When you become tired of all those fleeting loves, you call me.
  26. We were a short story that I will read a million times.
  27. Love returned to win.
  28. You were, are, and always will be the most beautiful accident.
  29. A lifetime is waiting for us…don’t be late.
  30. Some endings are happy. Others are necessary.
  31. You broke my heart and each piece still loves you.
  32. You dishevel me love, you dishevel me.
  33. Many times in life people forget what they should remember and remember what they should forget.
  34. The only thing I would change about you is where you live.
  35. I hope that your goodbye is full of returns.
  36. I don’t want to come back to see you, I want to see you come back.
  37. I close my eyes to be with you…
*Sigh* There are so many situations and experiences that can help us to better appreciate the true value of our emotions and the incredible good that they do for us.  So, what are you waiting for?



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