3 Habits to Boost Your Self-Esteem

3 Habits to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Last update: 28 July, 2022

We know that having a healthy self-esteem is the best foundation for a well-functioning mind. However, society and its computer-retouched models, and us running behind the clock, pointing out disappointments…none of this aids in the up-keeping of our self-esteem. In fact, sometimes we seem like its worst enemies.

On the other hand, facing the state of insecurity produced by low self-esteem requires a strategy. As well as time, and a well-deserved break along the way. This article attempts to be the conductive thread of that thought. In it, we will point out three habits to adequately nurture our self-esteem.

“If you’re not good at loving yourself, you’ll have a hard time loving someone else. You’ll resent the time and energy you give the other person that you don’t even give yourself.”
-Barbara De Angelisi-

1. Nurture yourself with mental awareness

We know that what goes into our mouths conditions our mood. We can say that food maintains our emotions. It serves a more transcendental purpose than just maintaining life.


There are some foods that are so fabulous that they improve our mood and give us energy, without hurrying our digestive system too much. Foods that allow for a pleasant rest, after a restful morning and a thoughtful, logical meal.

These superstar foods stimulate the secretion of so-called “well-being hormones” and contain the best proteins in order to feel well. Some include omega 3 amino acids, dry fruits, nuts, avocado and blue fish.

2. Work on and improve every aspect of your existence

It’s clear that self-esteem implies love for “our entire being“. Therefore, it is essential to work on every aspect and dimension of our lives in order to achieve inner fulfillment. An important task, which many of us haven’t done, is to embrace the pleasure that comes from being alive. I’m referring to the good fortune of having possibilities and alternatives. And this is regardless of what little room you have to make decisions.

It is one of the basic elements of developing your self-esteem successfully. If we don’t carry out this vital right, we will feel imprisoned by our future. We will be at the mercy of foreign emotions and lacking the will to experience our own personal development, thereby reducing our love for ourselves. An important trait that I urge you to look after is to extend your attention beyond your own interests.

It’s normal that, if we only focus on one of the many paths at our disposal, we will feel unworthy of the value we treasure. We don’t consider other alternatives and thus, we don’t dare overcome and conquer ourselves from within. Remember that you have a responsibility: to carry out actions in order to change your relationship with yourself, with complementary exercises and activities.

3. Knowing what you need as a person

With the previously stated points, we have everything we need to enjoy the foundation of healthy, flexible, yet robust self-esteem. However, we can complement it with another habit: listening lovingly to what our mind and body tells us. Figuring out what allows us to love our existence and which actions make our hearts shine.


There are countless activities that make you feel full of vitality and willing to go take on the world. These include dancing, singing, and being in the company of animals. Or even getting to work on that goal that you got stuck on and didn’t know how to continue. What we are looking for is not only for you to improve your self-esteem. You also need to nurture the rest of the sources that nurture it.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.