10 Quotes From Serrat For A World In Crisis

10 Quotes From Serrat For A World In Crisis

Last update: 15 August, 2019

Joan Manuel Serrat is a unique artist and his memorable quotes are proof of that. This Catalan singer has been able to sing the poetry of others and create his own, with the same fluidity. No one remains untouched after listening to his work. He’s the son of a working class and anarchist father, and as a result of this got used to looking at life from a critical perspective. He calls a spade and spade and never beats around the bush. Read on and discover some of his many pearls of wisdom which give us an insight into the meaning of life.

Serrat has been showered with praise throughout his life. From his nine honorary degrees to the applause of his audience on five continents. A great character, his abundant imagination has been enjoyed by many a generation. As a homage to him we have selected some of his most memorable phrases.

“The great enemy that our society has is fear, the fear of losing what we don’t even have, those things that are within our grasp but which we can’t seem to get hold of”

-Joan Manuel Serrat-

Serrat’s quotes about life

Many of Serrat’s phrases call on us to rediscover the true meaning of life. Take this one for example, “Everything is ready, the water, the sun, but if you’re not there then there will be no miracle“. It is an invitation to create, using all the potential around us.

Also related to the meaning of life, Serrat says, “Without utopia, life would be a rehearsal for death.” He believes Utopia to be what can really make a difference in our lives. How can we build a Utopia? Another one of Serrat’s quotes tells us, “I know what I’m looking for, because I know what I feel“.

Meaning of life


There are many Serrat quotes dedicated to love, and they are the best known of all of them. However, we decided to choose some of those that talk about relationships in a more generic sense. Like this one, “There is no manual: the world of sensations and relationships is full of unforeseen events“.

In this other quote he talks about something that seems to have disappeared from our society – commitment. He says, “I still believe in commitment. I have believed in it all my life. And I’ll never reject the idea that man is the master of his future“. It is very interesting to see how he links the concepts of destiny and commitment. The second determines the first.

The following is one of Serrat’s quotes that should always be remembered. He’s talking about what a true sense of humor is and how it is present in our relationships. He says, “There are people who think that if they laugh when a disabled person falls then they have a good sense of humor. We should be laughing when we fall, you have a lot more fun that way”.

A fan of living

This is one of the most beautiful of Serrat’s phrases, “I prefer to love than to overcome, to experience than to hurt, to win rather than to lose, to kiss than to fight, to dance than to parade and to enjoy than to hold back. I prefer flying to running, doing to thinking about doing, loving rather than wanting, taking rather than asking. First and foremost I’m a fan of living”.

It’s lovely how he associates life with sensitivity. To feel is to live. The true pulse of life is measured in passion, in emotion, in feelings. The deeper they are, the more intense life is.

Man looking at sunset

The familiar and the different

This is a quote that helps us to reflect on the fight against any form of intolerance, “Familiar things are a comfort, different things a stimulation“. And how true that is. The everyday things in life give us security and stability. That feeling of being “at home”. Different things, on the other hand, make us sit up and take notice. They encourage us to do things differently, and open our eyes to what is new.

Serrat says: “My impression is that in life we write a single song. The same song. Unless of course you betray your own story” It means that each of us builds early on the core ideas that define us. From there on, we make changes, but always using the same essence.

It would be great…

One of Serrat’s quotes tells us, “It would be great if there were nothing urgent in life, if we never ignored a need, if we had a purpose, if we went through life without the need for compliments and just speaking the truth, if we were paid in goods, if we were always well treated and if we could always laugh our heads off”.

Boy laughing

Like many of his sayings, he calls on us to revalue the idea of spontaneity and a genuine contact with the world and with reality. To rediscover that child that we all carry inside. That carefree and generous facet that dwells inside us, and that are limited by our hectic lives, by self-interest, money and everything else that makes us do calculations before we offer ourselves.

There are many other wonderful sayings from Serrat that we haven’t been able to include due to lack of space. When we listen to him or read his words, it seems that nothing is lost, everything has meaning. His way of describing reality has enamored entire generations. He is, without a doubt, one of the great troubadours of our time.

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